Why You Should Invest in Rifle Rods

Welcome to the complete review of rifle rods.  Gun Storage Solutions promote this product as the best way to save space in your safe, but are these rods really the ultimate firearm safe accessory?

The Thirty Second Review:

These rods are  are an accessory to the safe for rifles that gun enthusiasts love.They are not a perfect product, but they are easy to implement, quickly allowing you to expand the space in your firearm safe, which can obviously save you from purchasing another one or just help you clean things up. Additionally the firearm rods are a versatile accessory allowing you to use them in gun cabinets, or even in closets, just be sure to keep them locked!  As mentioned these rods are not a flawless product, there is a small chance the rods could dislodge in your gun, sometimes the rods do not fit a particular rifle as snugly as you would like, and they do add to the risk of corrosion because the guns are packed in so tight.  Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons because the most serious cons can be mitigated through routine firearm care.

Features of Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods

– Come with industrial grade loop fabric
– Velcro hook on head
– Fits on small 17- 22 calibre
– Work well with scopes and single/double barrel guns
– Features injection molded plastic


itSo the features sound great, but lets look at the actual benefits, and address some of the possible concerns which gun enthusiasts just like you have expressed regarding rifle rod use.

Increase Accessibility – At first glance you may think that these gun rods make actually make it harder to get guns in and out of your safe.  The folks over at Sniper Hide Forum suggest that those guns you don’t use as much, maybe the family heirlooms etc, get placed at the back of the safe and those rifles you use more often get positioned at the front of the safe.  Furthermore, there is a general consensus that because the guns are so securely fastened into place that it is far easier to get your rifles in and out with scratches or wear and tear.

Versatility – amazingly, you can use these storage solutions in a wide range of firearm safes and other types of gun storage such as closets and cabinets. And, you can also position them vertically at a place you will find convenient thus making them flexible options. In addition, they also work perfectly with a wide variety of rifles and long guns.

Expand Your Space – these rods can effectively increase the space in your safe 30% to 50%. You will have to remove the detachable shelves in the storage solution and replace them with the easy to fit rods. Once installed rifle rods, will help you stabilize your gun and hold it upright. When the guns are held upright, they will easily fit in the available space. One Amazon reviewer suggests that you can fit 30% more into your safe.  The video below from Gun Storage Solutions clearly demonstrates how easy the rods are to implement, and how much space you can save.

Cost-effective – Another common thread among gun enthusiasts is that the main benefit behind these gun safe accessories is they can help you put-off buying another safe for your rifle collection.  Saving yourself hundreds of dollars while at the same time improving your safes organization is a win win situation.Top Safe Accessory Pros:– Expand your space
– Increase your accessibility
– Cost-effective
– Versatility

Possible Put-offs When Considering This New Gun Safe Accessory

Although they allow you to maximize the use of storage space and help with accessibility, nonetheless, the rods have some cons which you should also consider:

Invasive – pushing rods into your rifle does not seem like such a great idea.  Many folks have suggested that a big problem with the rods can be having a small part of the rod break off and lodge in your gun.  As you can imagine this could lead to injury.  However, Gun Storage Solutions has made a quality product with injection molded plastic,and this would be highly unlikely.  But it goes without saying always inspect your firearms before use.

One Size Fits All – These rods are designed to fit into a variety of rifles, and so they do not always have a perfect fit.  This could make them a bit sloppy when the bore is wider than average, or if the gun is shorter.  In fact you may need to create a booster shelf in your safe to ensure shorter rifles fit properly into your safe.

Corrosion – One sceptical commenter on the Sniper Hide message board suggests that because of the close proximity of rifles, that you could end up with a corrosion problem.  However, even those that have used these safe accessories long term suggest that this has not been a problem.  Even still, I would suggest picking up and dehumidifier if you do not already have one, or picking up a larger one if you live in a humid climate.

Cons Summary:

– Invasive rods could dislodge in your gun is not properly used
– These rifle rods are one size fits all, but that means they don’t always fit well
– Corrosion could be a more likely problem if you do not properly address the issue

In conclusion, these rods are great gun safe accessories for upgrading any kind of storage solution.  Effectively organize your space better making it easier to get your rifles in and out of your safe and preventing you from needing to upgrade to a larger safe.  Gun Storage Solutions sells these rifle rods in small, medium, and larger packs, check here for the latest price.


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