What’s This? A Gun Safe Door Organizer With Easy Installation

Welcome to our review on a great gun safe door organizer by Cannon. The Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 Door Panel Organizer provides all that you are looking for, if you want a quality gun safe organizer.

The Skinny on Cannon’s Door Safe Organizer

Some of the main benefits of this safe accessory are the easy to use installation clips, with no drilling needed.  Customization of the panel thanks to Velcro holsters.  The ability to fit both small in large safes, and all at an affordable price.  But of course this gun safe door organizer is not a flawless product.  It has been suggested that the material used to make to panel isn’t of the highest quality, and although it will fit any safe, it is primarily made for Cannon safes.  In the end  we suggest that this is one of the best  on the market, but you will need to read on to get all the details.

Organizer Panel = Firearm Safety?

Obviously, the primary advantage to having a door panel is to organize your firearm safe . But to add to that rather apparent perk this should add to safety of firearm safe in your home. An organized safe is one in which you can quickly take an inventory meaning you can insure all firearms are accounted for, and therefore securely in your safe.

  1. The product features six configurable holsters with Velcro backing, designed for quick and easy positioning.  It also includes two multi-utility pockets for additional storage, and requires no drilling thanks to easy to use clips.

One of the primary benefits of this particular door panel organizer is the fact it is easily installed using the aforementioned clips, so it doesn’t need to be screwed in or attached an in other way.  This means you have more time at the range and less frustrating assembly time.

Installation Summary:

• The Cannon gun safe door organizer panel can be hooked behind most safe doors with the height of 60 to 70 inches. Using the hook and loop fasteners, the holsters and pockets easily attach to the panel.
• The kit comes with 6 holsters that you can easily reposition trough the Velcro design.
• It has a felt like panel that you can hang on the back of the door of the safe.
• The kit has two mesh pockets.
• The kit is designed for thin back door cover or for slots. If the door has a fire liner or a drywall, you can bend the clips so that they fit.

Customize Your Organizer Panel Accessory

The Amazon reviews also suggest that the another great feature of this product is the configurable holsters that can be easily reposition because they are Velcro-ed on. This allows you to customize your gun door organizer, and one particular reviewer suggests that this will let you put the bigger guns higher on the door organizer panel so that when the safe door opens and closes it will not swing off the door. Alternatively, you could find a way to secure the lower part of the panel by screwing or fastening it, but arranging your pistols from big (top) to small (bottom) keeps the door panel secure.

The multi purpose pockets are also very useful in storing little items that create clutter on your safes shelves. You can place your knives, your jewelry, your badges, insignias, and the like into these multi-purpose pockets without worrying about them getting scratched or collecting dust.

Small and Large Gun Safe Accessory:

Another Great benefit to this gun safe door organizer is that it can fit smaller or larger safes of all types, Liberty, Sentry, Winchester and of course Cannon.  If you start by purchasing one for a smaller safe and then down the line you want to upgrade to a larger safe, you can detach the door panel, purchase another, and place both on your new safe.  Just keep in mind that the dimensions of the product are 3.8 x 17 x 7.  Of course if you already have a larger safe then you could always buy one panel to see if you like the product, and buy a second if you think it’s worth the price.

Pros of Cannon’s Safe Door Organizer

Affordable Price
Frees up space in your safe
Helps with firearm safety
Easy Installation
Fits a variety of safe sizes

Not Another Bias Review?

Just like any product, the safe door organizer panel is not a perfect product. First is that it was designed primarily for Cannon safes. The hook does not fit in bigger firearm safe doors. Nevertheless, you can still adjust the hook to fit thicker doors or find another way to install it.

Next, the materials used for the product may initially seem cheap and you might just get an impression that they are not the highest of quality. But really this should be expected because the Cannon door organizer is very affordable. One Reviewer suggests that even though he was initially put off by the poor quality of the material that his organizer is still attached to his safe door, and no holsters have fallen off, which is the most important fact.

Cons Summarized

Although it fits a variety of safes Cannon safe owners will have the easiest time installing
The door safe panel can tend to swing if pistols are not positioned properly
The material is not the highest of quality

The Final Word On this Gun Safe Accessories

All in all, the Cannon Safe 9000 gun safe door organizer is one of the best gun safe accessories on the market. It is efficient in organizing your safe, can be easily installed and comes at a great price.  The main advantage it has over other products like the Liberty gun safe organizer panel is it ability to be customized. With its price, surely you will find great value for your money. Click here to find the best price online for the Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 gun safe door organizer.


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