Strong and reliable gun safe under $1000

scndaOne great safe for your gun is the Second Amendment safe by Blue Dot Safes. This safe is of high quality and will protect your weapon even during a fire as it is fire resistant to 1700 degrees, which is . This is a critical feature of a gun safe because if bullets are exposed to a flame, they could become dangerous projectiles during a fire as the heat could ignite the gunpowder in the bullets and send them shooting in random directions. This safe also has a large amount of space and is large enough to hold 30 rifles, 8 holsters, and 5 ammo pouches. The interior is 55.18×32.25×20 inches and there are four shelves inside for storing firearms and ammunition. Also, the lock system is very high quality as well using 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts and a two way locking system. Most reviewers of this safe seem to be satisfied with the product, as they tend to give five stars. They mention that it is of high quality and some even go as far as to say that it is the “best safe for the price”. Not only is it a safe of high quality, but this safe can be purchased for 875 dollars plus shipping. The only real downsides to this safe are that the shipping is quite expensive at around 400 dollars and that it is quite heavy, weighing in at 650 pounds.

lbgsAnother good safe for your weapon is the Liberty Safe Re24-bktf Revolution 24 Flex Gun Safe. This safe is also a high quality safe and is somewhat lighter than the Second Amendment by Blue Safe, as it weighs in at 360 pounds. This is the only non UL listed liberty safe but one thing different is that it does not  have round bolts but flat military style bars to give more area against pry bending of its door jamb.This safe also has a large amount of interior space, in fact, it is slightly taller than the Second Amendment safe. It is 22x29x60 inches. The lower half of the safe can be used for shelved goods, whereas the upper part is best for storing rifles and other long guns. The safe has gotten around 4 out of 5 stars. The negative comments about it were mainly that the shelf on the safe is not the sturdiest and that it does not have the special features that some safes have.

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asgsA third safe that also offers free shipping is the Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe 30 Miutes Fire. This safe has a 3 wheel combination lock, 14 gauge body, and a sizable interior capacity of 16x17x55.2 inches. Also, hence the name it is fire resistant, but not to the degree of the Second Amendment safe. This safe is fire resistant to 1200 degrees for as much as 30 minutes. Also, it comes in at 286 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a large safe such as this. Many reviewers seemed to think well of this safe, that it was of high quality, etc. However, there were a few negative reviews, some of whom said that it arrived damaged and also that it is not American made. If you are interested in this safe, you can find it for 747.38 dollars with free shipping.

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