Gun safety

The debate

 Gun ManufacturersBallisticsConsumer SafetyLitigationSmart GunsTrigger Locks  Gun Sellers Background ChecksOne Gun a MonthWaiting Periods  Gun Owners Concealed CarryLicensingRegistrationPreemptionProject ExileSafe Storage Ballistic Fingerprinting Bullets and shell casings fired from a handgun contain unique markings—like fingerprints—which can be used to link specific handguns with gun crimes. Law enforcement can use these markings to determine if a specific bullet or shell casing was... Read More »

Firearm safety during hunting,transportation or range

Whether you are a hunter, shooting sports competitor, casual shooter preparing for a day at the range, or just heading out to take your firearm to a gunsmith, these guidelines should be observed. Hunting safety Whether using a rifle or shotgun, the rules for gun safety while hunting are not very different. Combined with the... Read More »

Teenager’s Guide to Firearm Safety

Introduction • Owning a gun • Encountering a gun Be Prepared • If you find a gun • If you see someone with a gun • If someone discharges a gun in school Preventing School Shootings: The Warning Signs • Threats • Access to weapons • Warnings Your Responsibilities • Make time for your friends... Read More »