Control the moisture-Best Gun safe dehumidifiers

Control the moisture-Best Gun safe dehumidifiers

A gun safe dehumidifier should be used by every serious gun collector.  Gun safe dehumidifiers are used to absorb any moisture within your gun safe that could lead to rust and mildew build up, and eventually corrosion and damage to your firearms. Therefore, these products are needed to protect your investment. There are a number of different dehumidifiers on the market today and knowing the difference of each will save you time and money in the long run.

Desiccant Packs


Desiccant Packs are similar to those like white gel packets you find in your new box of shoes.  Unlike the other gun safe dehumidifiers, desiccant packs do not require batteries or electricity. They usually come in a pack of 4-10, and have a totally different way of ‘recharging’ themselves. The moisture in in these packs have to released by heating them in the oven. This is called recharging. Though effective, it can be a hassle to cook your packs every so often. And with the affordability of the newer, easier to use dehumidifiers, we only recommend these if you have no other options.

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Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rods


Gun safe dehumidifier rods will dehumidify your gun safe in a totally different way than the desiccant packs listed above.  These rods actually work by increasing the air temperature inside your safe gradually, and maintaining it constantly. The biggest downside about these rods is that they need to be plugged in. So for those who do not have a pre-drilled hole provided by their safe manufacturer, you may want to look at other options. For those who do decide to get a dehumidifier rod, you will not be disappointed. These things are highly effective, and easy to install.

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Rechargeable Dehumidifiers


The newest type of gun safe dehumidifiers on the market today, rechargeable dehumidifiers are small, affordable and very convenient.  They work the same as the desiccant products reviewed above, but do not need to be ‘refreshed’ by an oven. Instead, they are able to get rid of its moisture while plugged into an electrical outlet. So not only will you be ‘recharging’ the internal battery, you will also be refreshing your your unit at the same time. There is also a gauge located in the front of the unit to indicate when you need to do so. The best thing about this product is cordless which makes it perfect for gun safes.

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