Control the moisture-Best Gun safe dehumidifiers

A gun safe dehumidifier should be used by every serious gun collector.  Gun safe dehumidifiers are used to absorb any moisture within your gun safe that could lead to rust and mildew build up, and eventually corrosion and damage to your firearms. Therefore, these products are needed to protect your investment. There are a number of different dehumidifiers on the market today and knowing the difference of each will save you time and money in the long run.

Desiccant Packs

51K-3ZxllNL._SL160_Desiccant Packs are similar to those like white gel packets you find in your new box of shoes.  Unlike the other gun safe dehumidifiers, desiccant packs do not require batteries or electricity. They usually come in a pack of 4-10, and have a totally different way of ‘recharging’ themselves. The moisture in in these packs have to released by heating them in the oven. This is called recharging. Though effective, it can be a hassle to cook your packs every so often. And with the affordability of the newer, easier to use dehumidifiers, we only recommend these if you have no other options.

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Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rods


Gun safe dehumidifier rods will dehumidify your gun safe in a totally different way than the desiccant packs listed above.  These rods actually work by increasing the air temperature inside your safe gradually, and maintaining it constantly. The biggest downside about these rods is that they need to be plugged in. So for those who do not have a pre-drilled hole provided by their safe manufacturer, you may want to look at other options. For those who do decide to get a dehumidifier rod, you will not be disappointed. These things are highly effective, and easy to install.

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Rechargeable Dehumidifiers


The newest type of gun safe dehumidifiers on the market today, rechargeable dehumidifiers are small, affordable and very convenient.  They work the same as the desiccant products reviewed above, but do not need to be ‘refreshed’ by an oven. Instead, they are able to get rid of its moisture while plugged into an electrical outlet. So not only will you be ‘recharging’ the internal battery, you will also be refreshing your your unit at the same time. There is also a gauge located in the front of the unit to indicate when you need to do so. The best thing about this product is cordless which makes it perfect for gun safes.

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Eliminate the dark-Lights for gun safe

Gun safe lighting is usually the first addition gun safe owners buy for their safes. Gun safe lighting is important because of how deep and dark those large gun safes can be.  If you are an organized person or are just tired of carrying over your desk lamp whenever you need to access your safe, you should definitely look into buying some lights for your gun safe. They are bright, small, and very affordable.

There are a few gun safe lighting options today that buyers should look into before making a purchase. Gun safe lights come in light kits, cordless, and LED options. We hope to help you find some lights that will fit perfectly in your personal gun safe.

Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Gun Safe Lighting


We love these Stack-On SPAL-300 LED Lights because they just offer so many features that other lights do not. First of all, as the names states, these things are motion sensitive, which means they will turn on the instant you open your safe. It contains 3 lights (each with 4 LEDS), that are all able to pivot in whatever direction you want, and have 2 brightness settings.

You can mount this bad boy in two ways, via mounting plate or hook and eye tape which is included. As with all safes, we encourage everyone to stay away from using the tape though, as they tend to fall off after a few weeks, even days. Finally, no wires here, the SPAL-300 is totally battery operated.

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Lockdown Cordless 6 LED Vault Light


Contending with the Stack-On LED Light above is this Cordless LED Vault Light by Lockdown. It comes in at a close second compared to its contender for a few reasons.  First off, it does not have motion sensor capabilities, which to us, is one of the coolest things a vault light can do. Also, another issue we had was that the battery life on these lights seemed to be less than the SPAL-300′s. We do love how this lighting fixture comes with magnets, which we believe all gun safe lighting should have, but it wasn’t enough for us to call it the best on our list.

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Battery Operated LED Lights

41U-gm97wwL._SL110_41BP0wJW7-L._SL110_For those of us who want other, more flexible gun safe lighting options, you should look into other battery-operated LED lights. With the rising popularity of LED lights, it isn’t hard to find one to suit your budget and style. In fact, there are so many, we can’t possibly review them all. We suggest you do your own homework and read a few reviews to find the ones that will fit your safe the best.

Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit

31AmOGs8m8L._SL160_41h8DNFySqL._SL160_If you’re the creative type, you may want to look into buying the Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit. By far the most flexible option when it comes to lighting and additions to your gun safe. Basically, what this kit does is provide 2 standard electrical outlets inside your safe without compromising your fire or waterproof ratings. This means you will be able to power up your gun safe lighting, dehumidifier, or any other accessory you decide to put inside your safe.

For those who want to be even more creative, why not try installing colored LED strip lights instead? The possibilities are endless thanks to Stack-On’s Electrical Cord Kit.

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4 Clever Hidden Gun Safe Options and One Bad Idea

Often the quickest and most convenient way to safely store guns is by buying a gun safe. However, there are many clever gun owners that have come up with surprising ways to conceal their firearms while safely storing them out of the reach of children and thieves.

We’ve got five ways listed below that can get your creative juices flowing too. While they many not be feasible for everyone, seeing examples of thinking outside the box (in this case, thinking outside of the safe!) can help you come up with your own custom hidden gun safes.

It can also help limit cost – some of these solutions provide extra protection (like building a safe into a closet wall). Others are more expensive than a standard gun safe (like the shipping container idea!).

Any way you decide to move forward, make sure that the guns are unable to be accidentally discharged by storing them without ammunition and storing ammo away from the guns. Also, if there are kids around or if you have a lot of visitors or parties, your storage solution absolutely must be able to be secured by a high quality lock. Finally, remember that your overall goal is the art of deception. What thieves can’t find, they can’t steal.

First up is this amazing soda machine converted to a gun safe submitted on reddit by user Hartf1jm, pictured below.

Where’s the gun safe, you ask? Exactly my point – you could never tell that there are guns stashed inside – check out all the images and explanation at this page. People buy soda machines all the time for nostalgic reasons, and to store their soda of course, so it’s not unusual that a person would have one in their home. Overall building a safe like this means that you are completely relying on deception to prevent theft of your guns, which is a huge upside, because most people would probably ignore the machine and look for valuables elsewhere. It is also an extremely frugal option – machines like these go on Craigslist for $50 to $100.

The major downside is that there aren’t any features such as a UL listed lock or thick steel walls that would prevent a thief from breaking in if he knew that there were valuable items inside. It definitely wouldn’t pass the basic Residential Security Container test, and person with a crowbar could be inside the machine in just a minute.

Our advice if you do decide to go with something like this is to never tell anyone that you don’t trust completely about it. Say you’re having a get together, and you want to show off your latest project on your workbench to some folks you met recently, and one of them looks across the basement and sees your soda machine, and asks if it actually works – just tell them it doesn’t, and don’t let on that it’s a safe. Many burglaries happen because the wrong person got just a bit of inside knowledge and took advantage.

Another option for someone looking for a cheap way to deceptively hide guns in plain sight is a classic – the old hollowed out book. While you may have disregarded it because it seems like something that only exists in cartoons, it actually is a legitimate option for storing a handgun. has a great detailed tutorial on how to make your own version of this “gun safe” here.

Now “gun safe” is in parenthesis for a reason – because it’s not a gun safe at all! There are multiple major disadvantages to this approach to firearm storage. First, if you live in California, it doesn’t meet the basic requirements of the Firearm Safe and Responsible Responsible Access Act, which requires that guns be stored in such a way that children could not have access to them. I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take my opinion as the truth on the matter, but it sure seems to me that a book on a shelf does not meet the requirements of the law.

Second, an experienced thief might know to look for this sort of thing, and it would be a simple and quick thing to quickly knock all your books on the ground to see what might fall out.

Third, it would be easy to accidentally knock your gun to the ground while trying to get a book off the shelf. This could lead to unintended discharge and injury, not to mention property damage.

Using hollowed out books seems feasible only if you own a small handful handguns at most and if you live alone with no visitors – but this is the bad option referred to in the title of this page!

An unusual but really good option for a hidden gun safe involves buying a gun safe and then building it into your home’s structure. Clever reddit user shikijiyu shows in this post how he went from this:

to this:

This is not only an attractive way to install a gun safe in your house, it actually increases security. Because this safe is stored in a tight place in a closet, a would-be thief is more limited in his options for getting into it. It’s much harder, if not impossible, to swing an axe properly in the tight quarters of a small closet. So, simple blunt force tools will not be as effective as they would be if the safe were out in the open in your basement. A thief with power tools still wouldn’t have too much of a problem sawing through the safe door, so if you decide to go this route, consider how you can better hide away any Sawzalls, circular saws, chainsaws, acetylene torches, or anything else that could be used to cut through metal.

This method is also deceptive as the safe door can be hidden behind stacked boxes and hanging clothing. It also allows you to create a solid wooden frame around the safe that you can bolt the safe to multiple times in multiple directions. Bolting the safe down from the inside is one of the most important things you can do for the security of your safe, so the more bolts the better.

Overall this option is more complicated and expensive than simply buying a gun safe, as you will have to either take the time to do it yourself or hire the job out. We’d recommend taking this on yourself for obvious reasons – the fewer people who know about your gun stash the better! Another drawback is that not everyone has closet space to sacrifice to a gun safe.

If you do choose to do something like this, the Snap Safe Super Titan is a great option because it has thick 8 gauge steel walls and because it’s modular. Because you can carry it up stairs in pieces and put it together wherever you want it, it’s more convenient than lugging a 500 to 1,000 pound safe up a flight of stairs!

Another option similar to this would be to build your very own gun vault:

The folks over at 3 acres and 3 thousand sq ft describe how they used some space in their basement to construct a gun vault from cinder block walls. The vault door was bought from a company that sells safe doors, although these can be found on eBay and occasionally Craigslist if you’re lucky!

The major advantages to something like this is obvious – it’s very secure and it’s huge! You’ll never run out of space to store guns and other valuables for sure!

If you choose to build something like this, though, be sure to consult a professional, even if you decide to build it yourself.

Last, but not least, is the most impressive hidden gun safe and unusual option – buying a shipping container and burying it in your backyard! If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s actually more common than you might think.

A container like this can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, which may surprise you because that’s the same price range as a quality gun safe! However, the cost goes up as this is a major construction project. First, you have to pay to have it shipped to your property. Then, you’ll have to dig a hole big enough for it and prepare a foundation. Then, you’ll need to create gabion baskets to surround the container to provide structural support so the walls don’t cave in and to provide drainage. Then, you’ll need to create a quality, locking, hidden access door. Then, you’ll need to find a way to dehumidify such a large space so your guns don’t rust. Is that enough steps to convince you that this is the most expensive option in this article?

There are some cool advantages to doing this, though. First, you have a nice storm shelter if you live in a part of the country prone to tornadoes. Second, you’ll have more than enough space for your guns – and probably more than enough space for a cool man cave. Third, if your access door to the container is well hidden, no thief would be thinking to look for underground gun storage.

Hopefully this helped get your creative juices flowing – there’s always more than one way to get things done, and this is never more true than with gun storage. Just be sure to use your head, stay safe, and keep your guns locked up and out of the hands of kids, and you should be good to go!

Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe Review


The Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe is one of the newer products being offered from Paragon Lock and Safe. This safe is quite versatile and able meets the needs of handgun owners. Not to mention that this safe is a screaming deal, weighing in at less than $300.

Customers appreciate the ease of use and price and have said things such as,

“This safe is great! I bought it for my mom and she loves it. The setup was simple and it’s easy to use, I recommend this for anyone at any age. It was worth every penny”

Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe is constructed with 11 gauge solid steel. The safe is 51 pounds and is therefore not easily taken from the location that you put it in. In addition, the doors on the inside also have tamper proof hinges installed with the added benefit of the door opening to the right.

  • The safe due to its large weight is hard to move, however, this may not prevent the most determined thieves. To circumvent this issue this safe has had pre-drilled holes specially installed into the safe along with included bolts so that the consumer has the option of bolting the safe into place. This can save the consumer hours of work as drilling into safes can be difficult and very time consuming.
  • Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe allows the consumer the option of programming a key code for entry or using the 2 included keys. Some consumers may not feel protected with one or the other and may want to use both, or some consumers may ultimately decide that the hassle of keeping track of a key is too much and just use the key code.

The safe is ideal for an individual who has a collection of items that need to be stored permanently in one place and to protect your valuables from those who they need to be kept away from. The drawback of the size of the safe is mitigated by the ability to bolt it into place. In addition, the options of using a key code or a regular key are ideal. Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe is long lasting and reliable and any consumer would be happy with the purchase.

Potential disadvantages for this safe include:

  • Not being fire rated. This safe is not tested to withstand fires, and wasn’t design to protect your belongs in case of one. If you want fire protection then you should look for another safe – and be prepared to pay more.
  • There are reports of the lock being easily bypassed, specifically by this Amazon reviewer:

    I would think this safe would be great if they just put a locking mechanism on it that does not open simply by hitting the top of the safe…All you need to do is hit the top a couple times while turning the knob and then it opens right up.

Because of this reported flow, we recommend this safe as a deterrent to theft only. It can also serve to keep guns properly stored and out of the way of daily life. But for secure storage that can better withstand theft attempts and keep children out – your best bet is probably another safe.

Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

If you have a handgun, you should know the enormous responsibility that its ownership bestows upon you when you have to carry it around with you in or out of your car.In some states, this may enable you to defend yourself while you are away from your home.The law usually requires you to have a conceal carry permit for it. Anyone who is more than 18 years old and is not a threat to the people around them can carry a handgun in some states.

Reason to have a car safe

1.For interstate transportation.It’s reckless, in most states possibly prohibited, to put your gun in the glove compartment or simply conceal it under a paper or towel on your seat.Most of the time they require the firearm to be kept unloaded in the trunk of a car or in a locked container which makes it not directly accessible.If you wish to carry it otherwise know about the concealed carry law in that state.

2.Concealed carrying guns.Though you can conceal a weapon in a glove box or hostlers but it is better and secure to keep it locked in a quick and easy access gun safe.

3.Carrying a gun weather concealed or not is not allowed in various government and educational institution.So when away from your car It is advisable to keep it locked and hidden in the car to prevent them from smash and rob situations.

4.To protect them from unauthorized hands like children and others who might also be traveling or driving your automobile.

Security features

Body make

Security of a small safe can be judged based on how easily the safe can be pry open specially its door and not the body. You know like kids who will try to open it without any trail marks or a casual thief who is trying to open it silently. However one cannot be assured of security against a theft or robbery with even slightly bigger tools when you are not present for considerable time at home or even away from your car.In that case no small safe can offer you ultimate security. A hard blow with a hammer or cutter can open a small safe anyway. In case you leave it in your car you should only consider a smash,grab and run situation where thief do not have enough time to pry open with paper clip or run countless combination.He also cannot make much noise to actually cut open the safe.In that case you mostly cannot avoid the unwanted.


Small gun safes locks are not the same as in bigger safe.They are of far lower quality and so most of them can be picked.Pin tumbler locks as in gunvault nano can be picked with clips Bump keys etc,auto jiggles etc.Biometric like the gun vault MVB 1000 shown below have tubular backup lock(as is mostly the case) can be picked with tubular pick.Other than this there is also possibility of opening the lock if one can reach to the locks internal hinge with a wire or rod etc through a hole on the safe body. That’s why a good safe don’t have holes or if there is the locking mechanism is unreachable in closed condition.

PS Electronics locks on bolt type front opening door safe like barska etc are easy to open by just bumping the safe few times and information about it is all over the youtube.

So we consider safe with mechanical locks as the best handgun safe for ultimate reliability, but in case you think that these picking attack are not always a threat or you don’t leave your vehicle in unsafe area for long you can also consider other lock type as mentioned below.

Two most reliable safe for carrying handguns


ShotLock 1911


The ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns is made specifically to guarantee the safety of one’s full frame handgun(s). This safe is originally made and sold in USA and is ideally meant to be used in the car though it may also be used at home and even at the office as well. The solo vault comprises of a large and very easy to use

In case you intend to use the safe only in your car, you can easily attach or bolt it down using a metal cable. Although the metal cable is not included in the safe when buying, one can easily get one from their mechanic or car dealer shop and have it installed. What makes the ShotLock 1922 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns highly unique is that it consists of a 14 gauge steel construction and a 1,000+ mechanical lock combination.
ShotLock 1911 solo vault is currently available in color black. It is made of very strong material to ensure that the gun is well kept and safeguarded. The material is also very hard to break and its durability ensures that the owner can continue using it for many years to come. Moreover, one doesn’t have to worry about the safety of the kids since the safe is highly effective and can only be operated by the owner. Some of its extraordinarily and distinct features include an interior dimension that measures to 9 x 7 x 2 inches and with the exterior measuring to up to 11 x 7 x 2 inches. Other than safeguarding the handgun, one can as well keep other valuables in the solo vault car safe to ensure that they don’t get in the hands of unauthorized third party persons.

Moreover, the ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe has an adjustable block of trigger guards that can be used to meet the needs of both left and right handguns. The door of the safe can as well open on either the left of the right side. Since the safe has been manufactured to cater for all types of handguns like the pistol, semi auto and side by side handguns, one isn’t obliged to buy a new gun to meet the car safe’s standards for it accommodates all of these types of guns. Indeed, it creates a provisional space to store other valuables that one may have.

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Titan combination Safe


The Titan Gun Safe is a hand gun safe that can be mounted in tight spaces so one can keep their guns close, ready, and safe. The Titan safe utilizes a universal fit mounting system. This system comes with two mounting brackets that can be used for mounting in many different areas. The Titan can be mounted in a car, on a desk, behind furniture, or even on a bed post. Because of the Universal fit mounting system, the Titan Gun Safe can be mounted to the floor, on its side, to the dash of a car, to the side of a car dash, or even under one’s seat. With the versatility of the Titan gun safe, it can be mounted almost anywhere. The Titan gun safe kit comes complete with the gun safe, two mounting racks and even a bed post clamp, so that the gun can be mounted on a bed post without causing damage.
The safe uses a holster spring mechanism which uses an all mechanical system and a special made holster which the gun will rest in. Upon entering the combination and raising the lid of the safe, the gun pops up. The gun can then be drawn from the holster with no worry of accidental discharge because the weapon is being drawn from a holster fingers can’t slip and pull the trigger of the weapon. The safe can be modified with a separate spot to place a clip of ammunition if one would like to keep it unloaded, or if the weapon is intend to be used in a state in which it is illegal to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle. When lifting the main lid of the safe not only does the gun pop up but the clip of ammunition will spring up from a separate compartment attached to the safe. The Titan and the added on ammunition compartment work together, both lids lifting at the same time.
On the built in holster there is a pin locking system that allows the user to adjust the spring for which ever way they intend to mount the Titan Gun Safe. The instructions list the proper spring alignments for the different ways one could mount the Titan safe, but the user could always adjust the pin locking system to spring up the gun at a level or position that is comfortable with them.
For those who want to use weapons with special light or laser sight attachments, there is a holster with a wider tip allowing these weapons with attachments to fit. This special holster will allow ninety-nine percent of handguns with added on laser sights and flashlights to fit inside.
This Titan safe is an all mechanical safe, meaning there is no battery needed. One can avoid the annoyance of having to replace a battery or having any sort of technical malfunction with the Titan Gun Safe. The Titan works with a mechanical button release on the safe lid. A code must be entered and then a knob is twisted and this unlocks the safe. The Titan Gun Safe comes with a factory code and the user can then reset the code by entering the factory code, twisting the unlocking knob, opening the lid and pressing a button, and then setting a new code. The code can be changed an infinite number of times and can include single button presses or multiple button presses simultaneously.
The Titan Gun Safe is legal in all fifty states and is readily available for the price of only 349.00 dollars and the added on clip housing is available for only 59.00 dollars. The Titan safe is an affordable way to keep your gun ready at all times while keeping it safe and out of the hands of children or anyone else who could get hold of it.

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Other safe in descending order of recommendation.

Gun vault MVB1000


The MV 1000 MicroVault XL Handgun Safe is the larger cousin of the MV 500 MicroVault Handgun Safe. As the name implies, the MicroVault product line from maker GunVault is meant to keep a handgun without taking up much space, which is why the product can often used during transit, whether stashed beneath the seat of a vehicle or tucked away in checked baggage or mounted after drilling holes.

It has some what better biometric lock that updates the slight changes and updates to the previous saved pattern each time you use your finger to give low rejection rate in future.Others swipe type scanner may require you to swipe more than once to read correctly.It has a protective foam-lined interior to keep the gun from sliding around.It can accept up to 120 finger prints and 18-gauge steel construction,.If one finger do not work use another without reseting. The smaller version MVB500 has 16 gauge steel but can accept upto 30 fingerprints. patented No-Eyes® for opening it in dark by a hand-shaped indentation which allows the user to find where to position their fingertips,a well as a 4 feet security cable, and built-in computer which automatically bars access once the programmed number of failed entry attempts has occurred.Fittings can guard against light hand tools but not a crowbar or the anything alike.One thing to take note is that While the MV 1000 is usually pictured in an open position similar to a briefcase, the handgun safe is not hinged to stay open in this manner; rather, the lid opens entirely to lay flat and in line with the bottom of the safe so you have to open in by hand.

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Gunvault MV 500

The safe is electronic safe an older model by gunvault.First it is of perfect small size.At 11” x 8-1/2” x 2-1/4” it Neither too big nor too small to hold your small guns along with some other valuables inside.Yet it is not too light to always keep it around or near your eyes.It can be mounted only after drilling holes.It is pry resistant at least for children and casual tries.Suitable in glove boxes and under seats, this pistol safe offers an alternative to keeping a gun lying around in the car.

The electronics works quite well easy to program and has long lasting battery.A patented no eyes keypad At , the safe fits anywhere, especially in cars. It has an exterior shell of super strong 16-guage steel and weighing at 5.3 pounds, it has just the right amount of weight. Any lighter and a unit like this risks feels cheap and unreliable, almost as if it were fragile. Any heavier and this compact unit would be cumbersome to move, like a brick or a block of lead.

The computerized locking system will block out anyone who mistypes the combination excessively – an added measure of protection against theft. A small keyhole on the side of the Gunvault MV500-STD can override the whole system, guaranteeing that the owner can get to their gun instantly and without worry.

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Gun vault nano vault 200

scrhndsThis safe is made by gun vault is actually a safe to ethically and securely carry your gun and valuables.It is small,portable and easily concealable.Can be hid anywhere.It is available cheap and opens with a key.It will meat all the transportation specification for most of the state.

It is not a bad item to keep it in your automobile specially if you carry your gun all or most of the time.Best if you want to leave inside the car for a short period of time.A strong cable is provided to mount it to a column or stationary place.Basically suited for frequent change of location inside vehicle or home.

It is almost entirely made of 18 gauge steel unlike the MV300 or the stackon PC 95C which has plastic parts on its combination lock.The dimensions of the vault are just enough to allow one handgun.But you can store for a few accessories such as extra clip and spare ammunition.It is designed to open from the top and closes tightly. The security cable helps the mini-vault to be attached and lock safe in place. The cable itself has been tested and shows it can resist up to 1500 lbs of force but however can be cut with with a diagonal pliers in 2 to 3 minutes time.
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Club LB200



This is not a safe as such.It is rather a lock box in which you can keep your valuables and place it inside a car under your seat or places like that.The safe wil be secured to the seat with the help of the cable provided.You can be quite assured of the security of the items in a quick smash and grab situation because the cable itself is quite strong to cut or to break easily.The intruder wont have that much time.

It is not best suited in case you want frequent and quick access of items as it will take relatively more seconds no matter how experienced you become.However for items you always carry but take out very seldom this is very strong and reliable safe.
The LB200 is manufactured by The Club and is sold online and in stores. A quick internet search will allow you to locate this item at popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot and others. This can be used for both residential and commercial uses. The LB200 comes with a steel braided cable which attaches to any permanent fixture. You can place it in the trunk, interior of the car, bedroom, office, and more. With the steel cable fastened around a permanent object, a thief will be thwarted to quickly get away with it but remember if he has tools like pliers or bump keys he can cut the cable or pick the pin tumbler lock on this box.

There are no flashy colors on the LB200 to make it stick out. The exterior case comes in black and can fit tightly under your seat or can itself will hide well.
The LB200 has an exterior size of 8 1/4 x 6 x 2 3/4. The inner dimensions of the vault are 7 3/4 x 5 3/8 x 2 3/8. You can freely place items like your passport, jewelry, cell phone, wallet, pictures, money, MP3 player and more inside this device.The manufacture also includes a ninety day warranty and return policy.

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Bestop 42640-01 HighRock


wrgfdffggYou will find that this particular Jeep is a fussy vehicle when it comes to storing important information, weaponry and personal belongs and that is why they made a box with depth and storage in mind.This model fits 07-10 Wrangle JK without any modification and the Wrangler JK 11-12 with only some amount of modification.The Bestop 42640-01 HighRock 4×4 lock box is a unique and spacious storage unit that is accessible on the Wranglers JK. This, discreet and safe-smart unit has a double key and pick-resistant lock which makes it difficult for any intruder and it comfortably fits under your driver seat for convenient and easy access. There is nothing to the installation. This system, is already set up for you so it is easy because it comes with bolt-in factory seat riser bolts and its own set of bolts so you don’t need to find equipment like screw drivers or hammers to help install this easy to install item. It is made of 16 gauge carbon steel and will not much attention because it blends right in. It is coated in the finest textured black powder finish so it easily blends in under your seat. It has an interior and exterior dimensions of about 205 cubic inches with easy open sliding door.It weighs only 17 pounds so it feels quite weightless, even with the pull out drawer. There is also a heavy duty steel cable cord with a clear vinyl cover to attach the lock box to any location in the vehicle. the smooth, sliding pull out drawer is quiet and pulls out to a convenient length.

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Also see:


Locking mechanism in guns

Locking mechanism used in guns

Main purpose of locking a gun is to keep it away and prevent its use from the ones  whom you don’t want to..

Gun locks comes mainly  with  two mechanism

a.)    Locks mounted on the safe itself.

b.)   Lock mountable on trigger of the gun.

and also locks like this…  haha

So Safe locks are of variety of forms.

1.)Electronics locks-

Electronic locksConventional ones are the dial locks or mechanical combination lock system.But with technology electronics locks became pupolar.

1.)They are fast.

2.)Much easier to open locks or to change the combination then the conventional dial ones.

3.)Can be opened in dark

4) Looks cool.

Only issue is their batteries may die out.So  you need to regularly check them.For that reason some prefer mechanical combination lock because they dont need batteries and are still programmable with codes and also more secure

Other locks are

2.)Biometric gun safe

Biometric gun safeThese types of locks are hack proof and if you are the only one using your gun or if you want that it can be accessed only  by your consent then it is the best.It opens with your finger prints.You press your finger onto button and the locks opens.As no one can have your finger print because they are unique nobody can access it.
3.) Locks with keys.Not to mention it is the simplest form of locks and are cheap.

4.)Steel cable locks-These locks falls in other category mentioned above and are able to protect the Steel cable locksgun from use because you cannot fill ammo inside.So it can  also be way to secure weapons.

5.Trigger lock-

Trigger locksIn such type of locks the trigger of gun could not be pressed as it will be locked inside a small case.

Why You Should Invest in Rifle Rods

Welcome to the complete review of rifle rods.  Gun Storage Solutions promote this product as the best way to save space in your safe, but are these rods really the ultimate firearm safe accessory?

The Thirty Second Review:

These rods are  are an accessory to the safe for rifles that gun enthusiasts love.They are not a perfect product, but they are easy to implement, quickly allowing you to expand the space in your firearm safe, which can obviously save you from purchasing another one or just help you clean things up. Additionally the firearm rods are a versatile accessory allowing you to use them in gun cabinets, or even in closets, just be sure to keep them locked!  As mentioned these rods are not a flawless product, there is a small chance the rods could dislodge in your gun, sometimes the rods do not fit a particular rifle as snugly as you would like, and they do add to the risk of corrosion because the guns are packed in so tight.  Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons because the most serious cons can be mitigated through routine firearm care.

Features of Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods

– Come with industrial grade loop fabric
– Velcro hook on head
– Fits on small 17- 22 calibre
– Work well with scopes and single/double barrel guns
– Features injection molded plastic


itSo the features sound great, but lets look at the actual benefits, and address some of the possible concerns which gun enthusiasts just like you have expressed regarding rifle rod use.

Increase Accessibility – At first glance you may think that these gun rods make actually make it harder to get guns in and out of your safe.  The folks over at Sniper Hide Forum suggest that those guns you don’t use as much, maybe the family heirlooms etc, get placed at the back of the safe and those rifles you use more often get positioned at the front of the safe.  Furthermore, there is a general consensus that because the guns are so securely fastened into place that it is far easier to get your rifles in and out with scratches or wear and tear.

Versatility – amazingly, you can use these storage solutions in a wide range of firearm safes and other types of gun storage such as closets and cabinets. And, you can also position them vertically at a place you will find convenient thus making them flexible options. In addition, they also work perfectly with a wide variety of rifles and long guns.

Expand Your Space – these rods can effectively increase the space in your safe 30% to 50%. You will have to remove the detachable shelves in the storage solution and replace them with the easy to fit rods. Once installed rifle rods, will help you stabilize your gun and hold it upright. When the guns are held upright, they will easily fit in the available space. One Amazon reviewer suggests that you can fit 30% more into your safe.  The video below from Gun Storage Solutions clearly demonstrates how easy the rods are to implement, and how much space you can save.

Cost-effective – Another common thread among gun enthusiasts is that the main benefit behind these gun safe accessories is they can help you put-off buying another safe for your rifle collection.  Saving yourself hundreds of dollars while at the same time improving your safes organization is a win win situation.Top Safe Accessory Pros:– Expand your space
– Increase your accessibility
– Cost-effective
– Versatility

Possible Put-offs When Considering This New Gun Safe Accessory

Although they allow you to maximize the use of storage space and help with accessibility, nonetheless, the rods have some cons which you should also consider:

Invasive – pushing rods into your rifle does not seem like such a great idea.  Many folks have suggested that a big problem with the rods can be having a small part of the rod break off and lodge in your gun.  As you can imagine this could lead to injury.  However, Gun Storage Solutions has made a quality product with injection molded plastic,and this would be highly unlikely.  But it goes without saying always inspect your firearms before use.

One Size Fits All – These rods are designed to fit into a variety of rifles, and so they do not always have a perfect fit.  This could make them a bit sloppy when the bore is wider than average, or if the gun is shorter.  In fact you may need to create a booster shelf in your safe to ensure shorter rifles fit properly into your safe.

Corrosion – One sceptical commenter on the Sniper Hide message board suggests that because of the close proximity of rifles, that you could end up with a corrosion problem.  However, even those that have used these safe accessories long term suggest that this has not been a problem.  Even still, I would suggest picking up and dehumidifier if you do not already have one, or picking up a larger one if you live in a humid climate.

Cons Summary:

– Invasive rods could dislodge in your gun is not properly used
– These rifle rods are one size fits all, but that means they don’t always fit well
– Corrosion could be a more likely problem if you do not properly address the issue

In conclusion, these rods are great gun safe accessories for upgrading any kind of storage solution.  Effectively organize your space better making it easier to get your rifles in and out of your safe and preventing you from needing to upgrade to a larger safe.  Gun Storage Solutions sells these rifle rods in small, medium, and larger packs, check here for the latest price.


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What’s This? A Gun Safe Door Organizer With Easy Installation

Welcome to our review on a great gun safe door organizer by Cannon. The Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 Door Panel Organizer provides all that you are looking for, if you want a quality gun safe organizer.

The Skinny on Cannon’s Door Safe Organizer

Some of the main benefits of this safe accessory are the easy to use installation clips, with no drilling needed.  Customization of the panel thanks to Velcro holsters.  The ability to fit both small in large safes, and all at an affordable price.  But of course this gun safe door organizer is not a flawless product.  It has been suggested that the material used to make to panel isn’t of the highest quality, and although it will fit any safe, it is primarily made for Cannon safes.  In the end  we suggest that this is one of the best  on the market, but you will need to read on to get all the details.

Organizer Panel = Firearm Safety?

Obviously, the primary advantage to having a door panel is to organize your firearm safe . But to add to that rather apparent perk this should add to safety of firearm safe in your home. An organized safe is one in which you can quickly take an inventory meaning you can insure all firearms are accounted for, and therefore securely in your safe.

  1. The product features six configurable holsters with Velcro backing, designed for quick and easy positioning.  It also includes two multi-utility pockets for additional storage, and requires no drilling thanks to easy to use clips.

One of the primary benefits of this particular door panel organizer is the fact it is easily installed using the aforementioned clips, so it doesn’t need to be screwed in or attached an in other way.  This means you have more time at the range and less frustrating assembly time.

Installation Summary:

• The Cannon gun safe door organizer panel can be hooked behind most safe doors with the height of 60 to 70 inches. Using the hook and loop fasteners, the holsters and pockets easily attach to the panel.
• The kit comes with 6 holsters that you can easily reposition trough the Velcro design.
• It has a felt like panel that you can hang on the back of the door of the safe.
• The kit has two mesh pockets.
• The kit is designed for thin back door cover or for slots. If the door has a fire liner or a drywall, you can bend the clips so that they fit.

Customize Your Organizer Panel Accessory

The Amazon reviews also suggest that the another great feature of this product is the configurable holsters that can be easily reposition because they are Velcro-ed on. This allows you to customize your gun door organizer, and one particular reviewer suggests that this will let you put the bigger guns higher on the door organizer panel so that when the safe door opens and closes it will not swing off the door. Alternatively, you could find a way to secure the lower part of the panel by screwing or fastening it, but arranging your pistols from big (top) to small (bottom) keeps the door panel secure.

The multi purpose pockets are also very useful in storing little items that create clutter on your safes shelves. You can place your knives, your jewelry, your badges, insignias, and the like into these multi-purpose pockets without worrying about them getting scratched or collecting dust.

Small and Large Gun Safe Accessory:

Another Great benefit to this gun safe door organizer is that it can fit smaller or larger safes of all types, Liberty, Sentry, Winchester and of course Cannon.  If you start by purchasing one for a smaller safe and then down the line you want to upgrade to a larger safe, you can detach the door panel, purchase another, and place both on your new safe.  Just keep in mind that the dimensions of the product are 3.8 x 17 x 7.  Of course if you already have a larger safe then you could always buy one panel to see if you like the product, and buy a second if you think it’s worth the price.

Pros of Cannon’s Safe Door Organizer

Affordable Price
Frees up space in your safe
Helps with firearm safety
Easy Installation
Fits a variety of safe sizes

Not Another Bias Review?

Just like any product, the safe door organizer panel is not a perfect product. First is that it was designed primarily for Cannon safes. The hook does not fit in bigger firearm safe doors. Nevertheless, you can still adjust the hook to fit thicker doors or find another way to install it.

Next, the materials used for the product may initially seem cheap and you might just get an impression that they are not the highest of quality. But really this should be expected because the Cannon door organizer is very affordable. One Reviewer suggests that even though he was initially put off by the poor quality of the material that his organizer is still attached to his safe door, and no holsters have fallen off, which is the most important fact.

Cons Summarized

Although it fits a variety of safes Cannon safe owners will have the easiest time installing
The door safe panel can tend to swing if pistols are not positioned properly
The material is not the highest of quality

The Final Word On this Gun Safe Accessories

All in all, the Cannon Safe 9000 gun safe door organizer is one of the best gun safe accessories on the market. It is efficient in organizing your safe, can be easily installed and comes at a great price.  The main advantage it has over other products like the Liberty gun safe organizer panel is it ability to be customized. With its price, surely you will find great value for your money. Click here to find the best price online for the Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 gun safe door organizer.


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Gun Safe Accessories Help With Gun Safety At Home

Purchasing a gun safe is a great first step to firearm safety in your home, but keeping your safe well organized is just as important.  Luckily,there are tons of different types of accessories available on the market, and you have come to the right place to discover which products you need, and which are a waste of time, money, and effort. If you are looking for durable gun safe you can take a look at reviews listed in various sites like this. If you a looking to expand your knowledge of safe accessories then this article is the perfect place to begin, and will help you explore the many additions you can make to your gun safe.

1) Safe Lighting 2) Gun Organizers 3) Safe Dehumidifiers 4) Rifle Rods 5) Pistol Hangars and Racks 6) And even more.

Safe Lighting

If your accessing your safe early in the morning before a hunting trip, or late at night during an emergency, then you obsolutely need safe Lighting. If your safe does not come with lighting already installed, consider a small safety light that can be easily included in the back wall or base of your safe. Users have been happy with the safety lights sold by Cannon Safe and Browning, but are also several other cheap motion sensor LED lights which attach themselves magnetically and contain lots of battery life, so that you will not have to worry about replacing it too often. These easy to install lights are available for purchase on amazon.

Safe Door Organizer


A door panel organizer is a great way to save space and keep your gun safe organized. If you have a decent collection of firearms then having a door organizer is a necessity.  Just be sure to find a size that matches your safe. Most organizers attach easily to the door of the safe, allowing you extra room on the shelves or inside of your safe. Keep handguns, pistols and other items safely stored on the door, or you can  also store cleaning supplies, or important documents such as passports, licenses, and other paperwork. Being able to quickly take an inventory of your guns is a necessary part of firearm safety in the home, and so we recommend door panel organizers created by the experts at Cannon Safe and Lockdown.  Customers love their high quality products which can easily be found online.

Dehumidifiers – Essential Gun Safe Accessories

  • If you live in a humid area along the coastline, or in a bayou dehumidifiers are a must for protecting your investment in firearms.  These gun safe accessories remove moisture that can gather in small, enclosed areas. You will not need to worry about mold, mildew, or other types of rot growing on your guns, ammunition, weapons, and other items that you store in your safe. They come in various types and Quality dehumidifiers, such as those made by Eva-Dry, Browning and Cannon Safe are easy to install, and some even work off their own renewable energy and do not require any kind of power in order to operate. Everyone should invest in a least one, but if you live in an area like the aforementioned bayou, you will want to buy a larger dehumidifer. The great news is they are an inexpensive purchase, and you can find a great product by both Eva-Dry and Cannon Safe for around $25.00.

Rifle Rods

As mentioned before organization of your firearms is an important part of gun safety in your home, and rifle rods are great way to organize your rifles. The rods help to hold rifles of various sizes in place, so that they are not easily knocked around. Obviously, this prevents damage to your investment, but more importantly as Jack Burton author of, Gun Safe Haven suggests, rifle rods do such a great job of organizing your safe that they insure that you won’t need to buy a second vault.

Pistol Hangars and Racks

Opening up your gun safe to view your row of pistols displayed at on the top shelf, is a thing of beauty.  But these hangars and racks also save space in your safe and keep all of your pistols visible and easily accessible. Look for a product that is made with vinyl coated metal for extra durability and ease. The most popular hangar, made by Gun Storage Solutions, holds up to four pistols or handguns. Another brand that customers love is Magnum, and they offer hangars that hold a single pistol or multiple handguns.  Read more about pistol hangars here.

While many gun safes come with built in racks to help you organize your collection of rifles, others do not, and so finding the perfect rack for your safe could be key, if your not big on the rifle rod approach mentioned above. Another Idea you may want to consider is having a magnetic rifle rack placed outside your safe.  This seems a little counter intuitive, but it can be a great place to rest a rifle while organizing your safe, or other such activities.