Stack-On SS-22-MG-C review


Avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are always on the lookout for products they can use at home and on the go. With the quality products sold by Stack-On, anyone who loves using and collecting guns will find something that keeps their guns protected. This Stack-On SS-22-MG-C review probably covers one of the finest safes that the company makes. If you are on the fence about buying a Stack-On gun safe, this model is perhaps one of the best in value for money.



This gun safe is more than 50 inches tall, which probably offers more than enough space for your guns. The inside of the safe measures around 11 cubic feet, and you can place some of your taller guns inside without worrying about scraping the top of the cabinet or damaging your favorite pieces. It also comes with adjustable shelves inside, so when you need more space, you can re-position the shelves to give your cabinet a little more room. Those shelves also fit around your taller guns, holding the barrels in place to prevent any slipping.

The only complaint you might have is about the capacity of the cabinet. According to Stack-On, this cabinet can hold 22 rifles, and while it has enough space for that many rifles, most users seldom place more than 15 inside, unless they are shotguns with no charging handles. You probably don’t like the gun barrels rubbing against each other, but if you filled the cabinet to maximum capacity, you might have slight issues keeping the barrels apart. Using rifle rods could solve this minor issue.

An unbiased Stack On gun safe review should include potential problems if there are any, but that is the only issue that most users have with this safe. The locking mechanism is nearly impossible to break. The lock opens smoothly and offers great security with a 3-number combination lock with a drill resistant, hardened steel plate behind the lock.

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When you start shopping for a new gun safe, you likely want something that wouldn’t fall or tip over. With the kids chasing your pets and the pets chasing each other, you never know what might happen if they accidentally run into the side. Restoring guns is expensive, but with this safe you won’t worry about restoring guns because of damage caused by the cabinet tipping over. If you’re tired of poor quality cabinets that feel flimsy or lightweight, this is a great choice. It features a bolt-on design, and after securing it to the wall or floor in your home you’ll feel confident knowing it will never move.

stkclThe instructions that come with the safe are easy and simple to use. Those instructions come with a number of different pictures that explain the assembling, attaching the safe to a wall and adjustments of the shelves. Most shoppers find that it takes about 45 minutes or less to remove the packaging, assemble the safe and attach it to the wall/floor.

Some users might have a few problems figuring out the shelves though, even with the clear instructions. Stack-On doesn’t mark which side of the shelf is the top and which side is the bottom, but this should only add a minute or two to your installation time. You even have the option of removing the shelves completely. While this gives you a little more space, you’ll still deal with the barrels rubbing against each other.


The Stack-On SS-22-MG-C gun safe is a popular choice for obvious reasons. Its benefits kiss those of the elite safes for a reasonable price, and offer most gun owners all the security they will ever need, and more.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe review

BARSKA-Quick-Access-Biometric-Rifle-Safe-75x300For the right customer with the right needs and the right price range, the BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe fits the bill nicely. This CA DOJ-approved safe gets its job done with minimum fuss and utmost dependability; however, shoppers must be careful, as this safe is for gun owners with very particular needs, and it will not satisfy everyone.

A gun safe defends against several things – mostly fires, water damage, burglaries, and wandering fingers that know no better. Most of your higher-priced gun safes strive to cover all bases, implementing intense amounts of steel and pins and bolts for ultimate protection. Frankly, however, not everyone needs so much. For some people, a safe as sure as Fort Know is overkill for their particular needs.

A quick BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe review shows that it is an intelligent choice for those who don’t need so much precaution, or who don’t care to have that much. It is a more basic safe. You might even call it a locker, instead. It is constructed out of relatively flimsy steel, steel that a determined enough burglar could get through. Also, steel of this type and strength does not protect from fires or water damage, and your firearms will be at risk.

This safe is, ultimately, one for the person whose top and perhaps only priority is safety, one who does not mind so much if a rifle is damaged or destroyed, so long as it stays out of the hands of children, or people who cannot be trusted with a firearm. Protect up to four rifles, plus a shelf for a pistol, ammunition, and gear.

However, the safe only supports very basic rifles and shotguns, meaning that if your firearm has a pistol grip, a scope, or any other form of modification, then chances are it will not fit.

The BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe employs a digital biometric fingerprint scanner, which can store up to 120 individual fingerprints that can gain access. Otherwise, no one is sneaking their way inside. Upon opening, a very audible beep cracks the air – a safety measure, but annoying to some, so the safe allows the owner to disable any sounds.

One of the major concerns that centers around digital locking systems is the reliability of the battery. Many customers tell stories of getting locked out of their own safes, simply because the battery died. BARSKA has two solutions to the problem. For one, it can employ backup battery power. When your primary battery runs out, the backup battery kicks in, and an LED light on the front panel notifies you that it is time to change the battery. Second, the safe comes with two keys that can open the safe anytime. This means that even if the safe’s biometric scanner defected, the safe would still function adequately as a safety tool.

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The safe provides solidity, too. Anchor holes lining the back allow you to drill this safe to the wall, which is highly recommended for this particular product. At only 66 pounds, even an anorexic burglar in a tremendous hurry could make off with it with no trouble at all.Hopefully, this BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe review shows that it is a quality safe for the right kind of gun owner. Many gun owners prize their weapons to the point of love – they want nothing more than the best you can get in a safe. They want their firearms safe from anything at all times – fire, burglary, water, accidents.

The BARSKA quick access is more for the semi-interested owner, maybe one who enjoys occasional hunting trips and little more. This person’s main concern is family safety, and keeping their weapons out of irresponsible hands. For such a shopper, this safe does more than enough. Once secured in one spot with bolts, the fingerprint scanner makes it impossible for the neighborhood boys to get inside.

The BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe was made for the casual owner, one who does not mind so much if the firearms were ever damaged by accident, but one who wants to be rock-solid sure that they are kept in a safe spot at all times.

GunVault SpeedVault SV500 review

Unique in design, solid in function, flexible in its use – meet the GunVault SpeedVault SV500. Go ahead and scan the internet and web stores and read the customer reviews for the SV500, and it won’t take long to see that we have a uniquely powerful and effective California DOJ-approved safe here that offers some of the fastest response time on the market today, as well as a tremendous ability in remaining discreet and hidden. This GunVault SpeedVault SV500 review lets you in on all the goodness.

It is constructed of 18-gauge steel, weighs only 18 pounds, and is intended for single handgun storage. It comes packaged in three pieces – an L-shaped bracket, the safe box and electronic panel, and the door. Together, they are firm and strong and tight, and virtually impossible to pry open.

This safe is for an owner who needs very little – no documents, no jewelry, no cash, and no passports will fit; only the firearm does. If that is indeed what you are looking for, then rejoice, my friend, and then consider even more benefits of the SV500.

For one, its unique wall-mount design allows for the utmost discretion and the most strategic placement. All it needs is 6.5 x 3.5 inches of wall space, and thirteen inches of clearance – not too much of a demand at all. As such, it can either be easily hidden, or cleverly placed. For those concerned about their children and loved ones in the house, it is small enough to fit into a dark corner at the back of a closet that no one checks anymore anyway. On the same token, if children are not a worry, but home defense and personal protection are, the SV500 fits nicely beneath a light switch, for instance, located on the side of a bedroom door. So if ever a noise wakes you in the night, and it comes time to get serious, your handgun could be located in a prime and optimal position for response.


Speaking of response time, a neat feature of the SV500 is its presentation, so to speak. Once the pass code is entered into the system, the safe box juts outward from the rest of the console (quickly), revealing the pistol’s handle only, ready to be snatched up and used. The quicker the gun is in your hand, the quicker you can gain your safety again.

Dense foam lines the inside of the safe. It is malleable, and thus allows space for most pistol models on the market. Longer barrels may be an issue though, and the SV500 may not support some of them. Furthermore, that foam provides a gentle, though firm, resting place for your weapon. No abrasion between steel occurs, as it does in some safes out there.

The SV500 employs a digital keypad for access. Comprised of four large, rubberized buttons (which are even easy to use without looking), the access panel requires a code of either four digits, five digits, or six digits – user’s choice. Two physical, traditional keys are supplied as well though, convenient when the battery runs out. LED lights come in handy, too. A flash of green signifies entry, red denies entry, and a yellow bulb acts as the notification for a low battery (a single 9-volt).

Funnily enough, one of the few complaints that users can rally against the SV500 is its noise, something that can easily be modified. Electronic beeps accompany pressing buttons, and some find that annoying and/or indiscreet. However, the sound function can be turned off. Simple solution to that problem, no?

The GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe might be odd in appearance and function to some, but for the shopper with very little requirements of a pistol safe, no safe makes more sense. Its design allows the rapid access and reliable protection of your weapon, all at an affordable price that won’t have you standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign held up to your chest.

We have to admit, even our GunVault SpeedVault SV500 review doesn’t cover it all. No review could. The only way to experience the effectiveness of this safe is to put it to some use.

First Alert 2096DF review

First Alert 2.1 Cubic Foot Water, Fire, and Theft Digital Safe Review

Although perhaps best known for their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, First Alert also manufactures security cameras, security boxes, security chests, security doors, security safes, and gun safes.

In fact, First Alert is based in Chicago, IL. and is owned and operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc. which is a worldwide provider consumer products, software, and consulting services. Consequently, their products are distributed worldwide and they serve over 65% of the U.S. Fortune 100 as well as branches of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, and educational institutions in addition to small business and individuals worldwide. Therefore, there stated goal is “to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service driven by our hands on experience with the products we sell”.


Therefore, First Alert “Fire, Water and Theft” Safes are specifically designed to be heavy-duty safes that provide the user with superior protection from fire, water, and theft. Now, I am aware that when most of us think of safes, we think of them as place to store our valuables in order to protect them from criminals who would gladly abscond with them given the chance and indeed, that was the first function of the safe.

However, anyone who watches the evening news is aware of the many natural disasters that are happing yearly across the United States ranging from forest fires, to torrential floods, to hurricanes. In addition, one cannot help but notice the sharp rise in crime generated by the “Great Recession” and the country’s achingly slow recovery which are forcing people to do things they would not normally do in order to feed their families. Consequently, the number of burglaries is also on the rise nationwide and thus, it is simply a wise idea to purchase a safe in which to store your valuables.


However, while most any safe will deter a burger who is looking for items which they can absconded with quickly, only some safes will protect your valuables from damage by excessive heat caused by fire and very few safes will protect your valuables from flood waters. Thus, the First Alert 2096DF is an answer to all three problems. It features internal dimensions of 19 5/8” x 13 1/2” x 13 7/8” and, in order to protect your valuables from criminals intent on theft, this safe features patented, pry-resistant, concealed, hinges, a backlit digital keypad with a programmable, digital, lock that uses your own personal 3 to 8 digit pass-code along with four live, and two dead, bolts to secure the door.


In addition, the First Alert 2.13 cu. Ft. fire safe features two, adjustable/removable, shelves, a pull-out file rack, a hanging key rack, and a passport / document storage pocket. Plus, it is a UL classified “media protection device” and thus, testing done by an independent lab has verified that the safe will protect digital media including memory sticks, CD’s, DVD’s and external hard drives for 1 hour at an external temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of no more than 350 degrees.


Furthermore, the safe’s composite construction and water tight seal causes the safe to float in the event of a flood (which makes it easier to find) and yet, the contents will remain dry even if the safe is fully submerged.

Plus, this safe also includes an override key that will enable the user to open the safe in the event that they forget their passcode or the batteries are not replaced before they lose their charge.

Last, due to its hefty 145 lb. weight, the First Alert 2.1 Cubic Foot Water, Fire, and Theft Digital Safe also includes a removable, extendable, handle with two wheels so that it can be easily moved to different locations in your home or business.


Reviewer: Estelle Dusot
“Very good for keeping photos and other memories from being consumed by the fire or destroyed by the water. Mostly a plastic container that floats and it is supposed to be water resistant.

Reviewer: Paul Dumitru
“I bought this safe since it had the best ratings for fire resistance and water protection… I wanted to have a safe to keep my important papers in it and know they are protected in case of fire. As theft protection, it is poorly constructed, plastic case and pretty light… The safe even full slides very easily across carpeted floors and even hardwood floors so it can be carried out of the house very easily… The safe cannot be bolted to the floor or a back wall. I hope it is as good as it is rated for fire and water protection, although they recommend to put documents in gladware or other waterproof containers. The water seal does not look encouraging.. The construction is not sturdy, a lot of plastic parts and it does not look like it is going to last long or take abuse…I can only say that the water from the fire department will probably get in without much effort.”


Although the many features of the First Alert 2096DF make this sound like a fantastic product, after in depth researching and reading many negative reviews regarding key features of this safe, I am skeptical about purchasing or recommending one of these safes to anyone.

Sentry Safe SFW123DSB Review

Sentry Safe is a company that has manufactured and sold safes for over eighty years. Their wonderful fire-safe safes have been a constant consumer favorite. Sentry Safe is able to confidently market its fire and water safe products due to rigorously adhering to independent testing by ETL Semko (ETL for short) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) guidelines.

Sentry Safe designs a variety of different types of safes that are high quality. The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB is a strong option for storing handguns as well as a few other items.

Those who own it really appreciate having it around:

“I really love this safe. It’s easy to open, I love that it’s fireproof for my hard drives, the light that comes on when you open the door is so useful, the little nooks and hooks in the door are great.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This is the third Sentry Safe I own, and like the others I am really impressed by how sturdy and well-made this one is.” – Amazon Reviewer

Sentry Safe SFW123DSB is convenient in the many different storage places it has installed into the safe. The safe boasts a key rack, a tray to put jewelry, pockets for electronic media such as DVD or CDs, and also features an adjustable shelf so you can more personalize the safe to your needs. The measurements for the inside of the safe are 13.8-inches by 12.6-inches by 11.9-inches for a total volume of 1.23 cubic feet.

  • One of the most attractive features of this safe is the fire-safe and water-safe features. Not every fire-protected safe is water tight, and this is important in case of a fire. Firefighters pour water into a house to save it, but it all runs to the basement where safes are typically stored. There’s no point in protecting your guns from fire if they get ruined by water! The safe boasts UL and ETL fire safe protection which ensures protection of most materials in safe for up to one hour. In addition, the Sentry Safe SFW123DSB offers a water safe feature of allowing it to sit in up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours.
  • The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB has been tested and has been ensured to be able to survive a 15 foot free fall drop with the contents in case intact. This isn’t just impressive, it’s practical. If you choose to store the safe in the second story of your home, and a fire occurs, it needs to be able to fall through the floor without falling apart. Otherwise, the fancy fire protection won’t be able to keep your guns protected!
  • This safe offers pry resistant hinge bars to prevent forced entry and also included 4 large 1 inch bolts that will allow you to further protect your safe by bolting it into place. The lock itself is a dual combination lock and key – the best of both worlds. If you’re as forgetful as I am, knowing that I can always go get the key is peace of mind. These security features make this safe an ideal option for higher grade valuables to be protected.

Overall, this safe is ideal for the family that is looking to store their firearms safely. It’s a bonus that you can also store valuables while away on a trip and not have to worry about fire or theft.