SentrySafe X Series

SentrySafe offers a series of 5 straightforward, easy to use keypad lock safes under its X series: 

  • The SentrySafe 041E, which has 0.4 cubic feet of space,
  • The SentrySafe X055, which has 0.5 cubic feet of space,
  • The SentrySafe X075, which has 0.75 cubic feet of space,
  • The SentrySafe X105, which has 1 cubic foot of space, and
  • The SentrySafe X125, which has 1.25 cubic feet of space.

The naming of these safes is actually pretty clever – the number after the X tells you how much space the safe has. So for instance, the X075 has 0.75 cubic feet, and so on – it must make things easier to keep track of for production and sales!

Each version of this safe includes the following features:

  • 2 live locking bolts
  • Pry resistant door (the frame overhangs the door edge so that a crowbar can’t be inserted to pry it open)
  • Option to bolt down to the floor or wall
  • Override key that can be used if the batteries die or you misplace or forget the combination

Each model of the X series is a quality product, but I don’t recommend buying either the X041E or the X055 because they aren’t big enough to hold a standard sized laptop. Tablets, laptops, and other devices are extremely common targets of criminals, and unless you plan to take them all with you every trip you take out of town, you’re going to want to be able to lock them up. Also, even if you don’t think you’ll need to be able to lock up a laptop, these small safes allow no flexibility should you need to store more items in the future – you might just end up buying a whole new safe down the read. In my opinion it’s better to spend a few more dollars now to avoid that

These safes are rated to store firearms, and the larger ones could hold multiple handguns. In the grand scheme of things, this type of safe is sometimes referred to as a “deterrent” safe that will likely only stop theft by opportunistic thieves. In other words, it will keep guns out of the hands of your children and a thief who broke in to do a smash and grab job. But this type of safe won’t be able to stop the determined thief with the right tools on hand. Fortunately, most people don’t need to worry about this – professional thieves only break into places where they know they will get a high payout. So long as you don’t flaunt your valuables and follow basic home safety tips (, you should be in good shape with this safe.

Ultimately this safe is a great budget option for anyone who needs to store a handgun or two as well as a few other valuables while you’re on vacation or want the protection of a firearm nearby at night. It doesn’t provide the security of Fort Knox, but not many safes do (the best security comes from the largest gun safes which have thick steel walls and can’t easily be moved).

Most homeowners would benefit from owning this safe and I highly recommend it!

Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe

Winchester is a long standing company that first went into production in 1866. They have manufactured a multitude of products that range from firearms to safes to house them in. This includes monitoring each safe consistently through the manufacturing process to make sure quality guidelines are met.

n addition, Winchester offers its customers a free replacement guarantee if your safe is damaged in a fire or burglary attack. This free replacement guide includes locksmith service and free curbside delivery of the new safe should it ever be needed.

This safe is able to withstand fire up to a heat of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour. In addition the safe is also insulated with three layers of ½” fireboard in side the door and two layers of 5/8” fireboard to offer your more fragile valuables more protection. The gaps in the door are protected by a Palusol heat expandable door seal.

Though the Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe Safe runs a bit pricey the convenience of storage space and security make the purchase more than worthwhile. It includes the following features:

  • A door panel organizer. This has many pockets that allow you to store gun ammo, jewelry, knives or important documents. This feature allows you to take full advantage of the storage capacity of the safe – best to be efficient with what you get, because it’s pricey to end up buying two!
  • The door is composite door constructed and UL certified for burglary. This makes the safe ideal to protect your valuables from a possible break in and as result is a great choice if you are concerned about burglary. The safe is too large to move quickly and the lock should keep out any unwanted intruders and their sticky fingers.
  • This safe features an electronic lock that takes away from the stress of trying to keep track of a loose key. The downside of electronic locks is that they require batteries to run – be sure to always keep a few spares around so you don’t have to hassle with going to the store before you can open your safe. You may even consider purchasing some rechargeable batteries.

While this safe is extremely functional and just plain gets the job done, it also is very attractive and will easily fit into any room in home (so long as the floor can support it!). The Silver exterior has a classy look to the front of the safe and it also sports the Winchester Company logo. This safe would not look out of place in a family room or in a large bedroom, or even in a closet.

This safe is ideal to use if you have a large amount of valuables that need to be protected as there are many storage spaces inside the safe itself. The Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe’s 12 gauge body construction in addition to the composite construction door should give any consumer have peace of mind leaving their valuables behind in its protection.

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Review

Say you’ve been researching gun safes, and came across one called the “Second Amendment”. It’s a pretty bold claim to use a reference to the Constitutional amendment that gives the right to bear arms. You’d probably expect a few things of a safe with that name, like:

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • High Quality
  • Excellent Customer Service

Well, I’m happy to report that these are all true, and all that at a very

easonable cost. The Second Amendment safe was created by Blue Dot, which has been around since 2004. Although they are young compared to other safe companies, they are reliable to produce high quality gun storage.

For what you’d pay for a budget safe, you get the following with the Second Amendment:

  • The capacity to store up to 30 rifles and over 20 cubic feet total storage space. While not everyone needs this much space (and there is a smaller and less expensive model available that stores up to 24 guns), it is standard practice to buy a safe that is larger than you think you need. This is because many new safe owners suddenly realize that there are actually many personal items they want to protect using their new safe, and planning ahead by buying a bigger safe helps to keep you from running out of room.
  • High end security features, such as 12 gauge steel thickness, a two-way locking system with bolts that hold behind the door frame in multiple directions, a drill resistant plate to keep the lock safe from tampering, and a weight of 650 pounds. While many consider a high weight to be undesirable because it’s hard to get heavy safes down stairs, it is actually a security feature. Potential thieves can’t just carry it up the stairs and out of your house, and because they can’t just pry it open, your risk of losing your valuables is lower. There are also two predrilled holes in the floor of the safe to bolt it to the floor that further help to keep it firmly in place.

Potential Disadvantages

There are some possible disadvantages to this safe. One is that it does not come with a backup key, so if you forget your code, there isn’t another way to get into the safe. Some customers have been able to regain access with a master code by calling the customer service department and supplying proof of purchase.

Another potential disadvantage, depending on your personal taste, is the electronic lock. Some of us don’t like having to constantly replace batteries just to access our guns. Blue Dot has actually received enough complains about this that they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased – a real win-win and proof of the high quality customer service they offer.



The fire protection offered by this safe is for 1-hour up to 1,700 degrees – enough to withstand most residential fires. It also comes with door-hanging organizational pouches and shelving that allow you to store handguns and other valuables.

Also, when you order the safe that is 59x28x20-inches and it is fulfilled by Amazon, shipping is free! That’s an unbeatable deal!

The owners of this safe sum it up best:

Design seems solid and will last a lifetime… – Amazon Reviewer

Very nice safe. The specs on this safe are very good for the price paid. Fit, finish, and construction are all good. – Amazon Reviewer


Gunbox Biometric Version Review

It’s not often you get to describe a gun safe as cool, but the Gunbox Biometric Version fits the bill. I mean, just look at it – it’s a well designed machine that looks like it dropped out of Star Wars. It has a sleek, white exterior with a black band running down the front and a simple fingerprint scanner. While it might not be able to hold a lightsaber, it does feature the latest in actual technology and represents one of the very best handgun safes out there. It does come at a fairly steep price compared to other comparable gun safes, but we HIGHLY recommend it because its advanced technology provides superior protection.

Some of its features include:

  • It can be opened by fingerprint, RFID wristband, ring, or sticker. If you’re unfamiliar with RFID, it’s a technology used by businesses to track inventory or as a security measure. Use of it in this safe means that you can simply slip on a ring and wave it over the lid and like magic, it pops open! If you feel that there’s a chance that use of the ring might compromise the security of the safe (ie. if you use the sticker and think it’s likely that your teenagers have figured out where you keep it), then you can disable this option.If you choose to use your fingerprint only to open it, you can set it so that it requires multiple fingerprints to open so that you can be absolutely sure that it only opens when you are present.
  • An aluminim alloy shell that is rated at aircraft strength. This is important as comparable many safes its size have thin steel walls that don’t represent much of a challenge to a prepared intruder with an axe. It is also very heavy as a result, which is good because you don’t want it moving around too much!
  • It also has a loud alarm that can be set to sound if the safe is moved at all. This will help give you peace of mind that your kids haven’t touched the safe – as soon as they hear the alarm they’ll go running – and as soon as you hear it you know what is happening! If that’s overkill for your situation, you can also set the motion sensor to simply display a red light if it senses movement.
  • It features good capacity – many owners have commented on this. It can easily fit two handguns or a handgun and a magazine. If you want to store a few other valuables and documents in the safe too it can easily accommodate them.
  • Keeping batteries charged can also be less of a worry with this safe. This is because it has two USB ports that can be plugged into a computer or wall outlet with a USB converter. It also can run on batteries if you want to take it on a trip and store guns in a car or hotel room.

Overall, we feel like we can’t give this safe a high enough rating. It’s top notch and worth every penny. Of course, it takes quite a few pennies to purchase, and there are plenty of good options out there for a smaller price that will still meet most of your needs. But for a bulletproof gun storage solution – go with the Gunbox Biometric Version!

Mesa Safe Company – MBF6032E

Mesa Safe Company is a relative newcomer to the gun safe industry compared to the likes of a Winchester or a Remington. They were founded in 1981 to start making high quality cash safes for businesses, but soon expanded into residential safes. The founder, who still runs the company, started his working career as a locksmith, and using his hands-on, practical knowledge, oversaw the creation of reasonably priced and high quality safes.

One of the most popular safes they offer is the MBF6032E, which is

Mesa MBF6032E Gun Safe

given high ratings by those who own it. The following comments are typical:

I’d been putting off buying a gun safe for a long time and I finally took the plunge. I feel like this was a good deal and I got a lot of bang for the buck so to speak. – Amazon Customer Review

We are in Canada so gun safe is required. This safe is such a good option that we have two of them now! – Amazon Customer Review

So enough talk – let’s get to the bottom line. What does this safe offer?

  • Fire protection up 1,750 degrees for 1 hour. Most residential fires are noticed quickly, especially if you live in a city or small town. If a fire happens at your house, it’s unlikely that it would last over an hour. That is – unless you live in a rural area without neighbors for miles around. In that case, you may want a higher fire rating temperature and duration.
  • Weight of 650 pounds. While it may be a hassle to move this safe into your basement or storage space the first time, it’s weight makes it unlikely that it can be moved out of your house in an attempted robbery (unless they happened to hire a moving crew!). It also comes with predrilled holes to allow you to bolt it into your basement floor, and if you do that, this safe won’t be going anywhere!
  • Over 14 cubic feet of storage – enough space to store around 20 rifles. The number of rifles stored may be lower depending on if your rifles have scopes or are larger for any reason.
  • An electronic lock with relocking device. This means that you get the convenience of a modern keypad to open the safe, and the relocking device ensures that if the lock is tampered with, the safe goes into “lockdown” mode so that it can’t be unlocked. The keypad is run on batteries, and if they ever run out of juice, they are easily replaced by removing the keypad putting fresh ones in the back. It also comes with an emergency key so that if you are every locked out for any reason, you can still get access to your guns and valuables.
  • Adjustable shelving is included so that you can store other valuables in the safe, such as jewelry, important documents, and smaller handguns.

Mesa Safe also has fantastic and responsive customer service so that if you do have an issue with the safe, it will get resolved quickly. The MBF6032E is a fantastic choice for its price and won’t let you down!


Gunvault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

The Gunvault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe combines solid construction, top-of-the-line safety features and enhanced user convenience, and is effective for storing guns or other valuables. As far as its construction goes, its outer body is made of rock solid 16-gauge steel. It also has a soft foam on the inside, to keep delicate valuables secure.

For complete security, it comes with a high-strength lock mechanism, which is highly durable. The safe also has such precise fittings that it simply cannot be pried open, whatever the tools. The built-in security computer in the safe allows the user to choose from over 12 million possible access codes, and comes with an audio feedback feature to confirm correct keypad entries. However, this audio feedback can be turned off, if required. ‘Learn buttons’ have also been provided for easy programming of the user-selectable codes. If invalid entries are made on the computer repeatedly, access is blocked and the user gets an alert. For maximum convenience, the No-Eyes Keypad allows operation even in pitch darkness.

The removable shelf on this GunVault safe gives the user ample storage space and options. Besides, its battery power makes it mobile and more secure. The weight of the GV2000C-STD is 14 pounds and it carries a 1-year limited warranty.

Technical Details

  • Outer body constructed with 16 gauge steel
  • Soft foam on the inside to keep gun or other valuables safe
  • Precise fittings and high strength lock mechanism
  • Built-in security computer with 12 million user selectable access codes, audio feedback feature and invalid entry alert
  • Blocks access on repeated invalid entries
  • Weighs 14 pounds and 1-year warranty

Gunvault GV2000C-STD Review

Users have reported several advantages of the Gunvault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe. To begin with, its user-friendly technology is a big winner. Its programmable combination system is very easy to work with and allows instant access. Its accessibility in the darkness is also a huge advantage. It is also really light and mobile, and its design makes it very convenient to affix to any solid material.

owever, once you buy Gunvault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe, you will need a bit of practice in opening the bottom shelf smoothly and removing an unloaded firearm from it, before it becomes an instant process for you. Also, be waned that there is no low battery signal or warning. So, make sure you keep replacing the batteries from time to time, or else it might die on you when you need it the most.

While the GV2000C offers great value for money, the claim that it is completely tamper safe could be a bit misleading. Reportedly, there is a slight gap along the sides of the door and at the top that can be exploited, if someone is really determined to steal. So, it is not the best product for someone who wants really optimal security.

However, it offers excellent concealment and safety in normal circumstances and from curious children. Spatially also it is every convenient, and users can comfortably store a couple of medium-sized semi-automatics, with extra revolvers and magazines. Since it has two compartments, one of them can even be used for vital documents. All in all, a very secure buy for the average user.

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Review

Biometric Lock: Fingerprint
Max Capacity: 1 handgun
Programmable Fingerprints: 120
Exterior Dimensions: 10.2″ x 12″ x 3.6″
Total weight: 8.5 lbs.
Emergency Key: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Not Included
Warranty: 1 year
  • Pro’s
  • Compact design, great for truck/car or bedside
  • Quick access with “swipe-through” fingerprint scanner
  • True steel construction
  • Thick interior protective foam
  • Comes with a security cable
  • Storage pouch for documents


  • Does not come with assembly hardware
  • Not really a con, but on some website the product’s description page does not mention that the package comes with a security cable – so make sure you don’t buy an extra cable as you already get one with the MVB1000.


Quick Overview

Great little compact safe for storing one handgun plus a few clips and extra ammo. I bought it for my car,  as I have a concealed carry permit and sometimes need to go somewhere were guns are not allowed, so I can safely leave it in my car for a short period while its firmly attached with the cable. I’m also looking to purchase another one of those to keep it next to the bed. Accessing the contents is lightning-fast thanks to the “slide-through” fingerprint reader (more on this below), and the protective foam inside is really thick and makes the MVB1000 look really elegant. This is obviously not an anti-burglary safe – it’s way too light and the steel is not thick enough for that purpose. For keeping kids and random opportunist thieves away from your handgun while giving authorized individuals super-quick access, it’s perfect.

Unique Scanner & Programming

What distinguishes the MicroVault XL MVB1000 from other biometric safes is the slide-through fingerprint scanner.Basically instead of having to place your finger on the scanning surface and wait 2 or 3 seconds until identification is completed, you only need to slide your finger over the scanning surface once, without actually holding your fingertip in place. I was originally worried that this design would not prove reliable, but was surprised that it reads my fingerprints with great accuracy, even if I slide my finger very quickly. GunVault’s no-eyes design works great with this type of scanner.

I’ve marked the scanning surface with a red circle on the picture to the right, as it might not seem obvious to someone who hasn’t seen this safe in real life. You just need to slide your finger over that little patch, and that’s it. You might have noticed what appears to be buttons on that safe; you can’t really press them (except for the one above the scanning surface, which you press to activate the scanner), and they are there just to help you properly place your hand if you need to access your gun in the dark.

Important: it’s always recommended to program your fingerprints from at least 2-3 different angles, so that no matter at what angle you place your fingertip over the scanning surface, the door will open.

To program the safe, insert a 9v battery and press one of the two buttons on the inside – the one marked “Learn.” You should see a green LED flash and hear a beep, indicating the safe is ready to enroll your fingerprint. Now slide your finger over the scanning surface, and wait until you hear a beep. Then slide your finger again in the same manner to confirm. If everything went well, you’ll see a green flash; if something went wrong a red flash will appear instead and you’ll need to repeat the procedure.

The first and second fingerprints you save are called “administrative fingerprints.” If you want to program new fingerprints, you will require one of these administrative fingerprints. So for example if the first and second fingerprints saved (the administrative ones) belong to you, and the third and fourth belong to your spouse, your spouse will not be able to add any new fingerprints because his/her fingerprints do not belong to the administrative pool.

There’s also a second button on the inside of the MVB1000 – the “Delete” button. Please beware, as you can’t use this to delete individual fingerprints – as soon as you press and hold the button, all saved fingerprints will be deleted. 

Practical Capacity & Design

Gunvault labeled this safe as fitting for one handgun, however you can quite comfortably fit two smaller handguns (or one full-sized) plus 2-3 clips and maybe even some jewelry. The safe doesn’t have any pointy edges (everything is rounded) and it’s just very pleasing to the eye – I actually find myself looking for an excuse just to open it.

The foam padding on the inside is great too, not cheap as is often the case with other, even more expensive gun safes. It provides great cushioning for the contents during transport, and I’m confident it will last as many years as the safe itself will.

I also appreciate the storage pouch on the inside of the lid; I use it to store documents, credit cards and my cellphone, especially when I’m in a hotel.  I’m actually surprised that so few gun safes in this price range come with a pouch; it’s such a low-cost, yet very useful addition. Props for GunVault I guess.

And if the battery starts running low on juice, a red light will start flashing on the outside of the safe. I am yet to see this in action as the battery seems to be holding really well after more than 12 months of use, so I’ll update this review if I learn more about this function.

Installation & Safety Cable

The safe has two small holes at the bottom that you can use to bolt it down. Keep in mind however that the package does not come with any assembly hardware, so you will need to use your own bolts. Just remember never to drill the mounting holes through the holes in te safe, as you will likely damage it and void your warranty.

While it’s not mentioned anywhere on the web (at least that I’ve seen), the MVB1000 comes with a steel cable you can use to secure the safe when you take it with you somewhere. You simply loop the steel cable through a tiny little opening near the back and to the left of the safe, close the door, and the safe will be secured. Don’t worry about that opening – it’s small enough that it won’t be of any help to a potential thief, and it definitely won’t make it any easier for anyone to access your guns without the right fingerprints.

Keep in mind that this is not some heavy duty cable; it can most definitely be cut with the right tool, and probably very quickly. Again, this is not the safe to get if you want to deter well-prepared criminals; the MVB1000 is all about mobility and quick access.

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Review – Summary

Not much more to say really. A great little compact safe for holding a handgun or two, with a dependable fingerprint scanner and enough steel gauge to keep random robbers and children away from your guns (assuming the safe is bolted down of course, otherwise it can be just carried away). If you’re looking for an elegant, mobile gun safe, the MVB1000 is definitely worth considering. See Amazon’s 31% discount and free shipping on this safe.

Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

If you have a handgun, you should know the enormous responsibility that its ownership bestows upon you when you have to carry it around with you in or out of your car.In some states, this may enable you to defend yourself while you are away from your home.The law usually requires you to have a conceal carry permit for it. Anyone who is more than 18 years old and is not a threat to the people around them can carry a handgun in some states.

Reason to have a car safe

1.For interstate transportation.It’s reckless, in most states possibly prohibited, to put your gun in the glove compartment or simply conceal it under a paper or towel on your seat.Most of the time they require the firearm to be kept unloaded in the trunk of a car or in a locked container which makes it not directly accessible.If you wish to carry it otherwise know about the concealed carry law in that state.

2.Concealed carrying guns.Though you can conceal a weapon in a glove box or hostlers but it is better and secure to keep it locked in a quick and easy access gun safe.

3.Carrying a gun weather concealed or not is not allowed in various government and educational institution.So when away from your car It is advisable to keep it locked and hidden in the car to prevent them from smash and rob situations.

4.To protect them from unauthorized hands like children and others who might also be traveling or driving your automobile.

Security features

Body make

Security of a small safe can be judged based on how easily the safe can be pry open specially its door and not the body. You know like kids who will try to open it without any trail marks or a casual thief who is trying to open it silently. However one cannot be assured of security against a theft or robbery with even slightly bigger tools when you are not present for considerable time at home or even away from your car.In that case no small safe can offer you ultimate security. A hard blow with a hammer or cutter can open a small safe anyway. In case you leave it in your car you should only consider a smash,grab and run situation where thief do not have enough time to pry open with paper clip or run countless combination.He also cannot make much noise to actually cut open the safe.In that case you mostly cannot avoid the unwanted.


Small gun safes locks are not the same as in bigger safe.They are of far lower quality and so most of them can be picked.Pin tumbler locks as in gunvault nano can be picked with clips Bump keys etc,auto jiggles etc.Biometric like the gun vault MVB 1000 shown below have tubular backup lock(as is mostly the case) can be picked with tubular pick.Other than this there is also possibility of opening the lock if one can reach to the locks internal hinge with a wire or rod etc through a hole on the safe body. That’s why a good safe don’t have holes or if there is the locking mechanism is unreachable in closed condition.

PS Electronics locks on bolt type front opening door safe like barska etc are easy to open by just bumping the safe few times and information about it is all over the youtube.

So we consider safe with mechanical locks as the best handgun safe for ultimate reliability, but in case you think that these picking attack are not always a threat or you don’t leave your vehicle in unsafe area for long you can also consider other lock type as mentioned below.

Two most reliable safe for carrying handguns


ShotLock 1911


The ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns is made specifically to guarantee the safety of one’s full frame handgun(s). This safe is originally made and sold in USA and is ideally meant to be used in the car though it may also be used at home and even at the office as well. The solo vault comprises of a large and very easy to use

In case you intend to use the safe only in your car, you can easily attach or bolt it down using a metal cable. Although the metal cable is not included in the safe when buying, one can easily get one from their mechanic or car dealer shop and have it installed. What makes the ShotLock 1922 solo vault car safe for full frame handguns highly unique is that it consists of a 14 gauge steel construction and a 1,000+ mechanical lock combination.
ShotLock 1911 solo vault is currently available in color black. It is made of very strong material to ensure that the gun is well kept and safeguarded. The material is also very hard to break and its durability ensures that the owner can continue using it for many years to come. Moreover, one doesn’t have to worry about the safety of the kids since the safe is highly effective and can only be operated by the owner. Some of its extraordinarily and distinct features include an interior dimension that measures to 9 x 7 x 2 inches and with the exterior measuring to up to 11 x 7 x 2 inches. Other than safeguarding the handgun, one can as well keep other valuables in the solo vault car safe to ensure that they don’t get in the hands of unauthorized third party persons.

Moreover, the ShotLock 1911 solo vault car safe has an adjustable block of trigger guards that can be used to meet the needs of both left and right handguns. The door of the safe can as well open on either the left of the right side. Since the safe has been manufactured to cater for all types of handguns like the pistol, semi auto and side by side handguns, one isn’t obliged to buy a new gun to meet the car safe’s standards for it accommodates all of these types of guns. Indeed, it creates a provisional space to store other valuables that one may have.

>For more details price reviews ratings etc of shotlock 1911 click here

Titan combination Safe


The Titan Gun Safe is a hand gun safe that can be mounted in tight spaces so one can keep their guns close, ready, and safe. The Titan safe utilizes a universal fit mounting system. This system comes with two mounting brackets that can be used for mounting in many different areas. The Titan can be mounted in a car, on a desk, behind furniture, or even on a bed post. Because of the Universal fit mounting system, the Titan Gun Safe can be mounted to the floor, on its side, to the dash of a car, to the side of a car dash, or even under one’s seat. With the versatility of the Titan gun safe, it can be mounted almost anywhere. The Titan gun safe kit comes complete with the gun safe, two mounting racks and even a bed post clamp, so that the gun can be mounted on a bed post without causing damage.
The safe uses a holster spring mechanism which uses an all mechanical system and a special made holster which the gun will rest in. Upon entering the combination and raising the lid of the safe, the gun pops up. The gun can then be drawn from the holster with no worry of accidental discharge because the weapon is being drawn from a holster fingers can’t slip and pull the trigger of the weapon. The safe can be modified with a separate spot to place a clip of ammunition if one would like to keep it unloaded, or if the weapon is intend to be used in a state in which it is illegal to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle. When lifting the main lid of the safe not only does the gun pop up but the clip of ammunition will spring up from a separate compartment attached to the safe. The Titan and the added on ammunition compartment work together, both lids lifting at the same time.
On the built in holster there is a pin locking system that allows the user to adjust the spring for which ever way they intend to mount the Titan Gun Safe. The instructions list the proper spring alignments for the different ways one could mount the Titan safe, but the user could always adjust the pin locking system to spring up the gun at a level or position that is comfortable with them.
For those who want to use weapons with special light or laser sight attachments, there is a holster with a wider tip allowing these weapons with attachments to fit. This special holster will allow ninety-nine percent of handguns with added on laser sights and flashlights to fit inside.
This Titan safe is an all mechanical safe, meaning there is no battery needed. One can avoid the annoyance of having to replace a battery or having any sort of technical malfunction with the Titan Gun Safe. The Titan works with a mechanical button release on the safe lid. A code must be entered and then a knob is twisted and this unlocks the safe. The Titan Gun Safe comes with a factory code and the user can then reset the code by entering the factory code, twisting the unlocking knob, opening the lid and pressing a button, and then setting a new code. The code can be changed an infinite number of times and can include single button presses or multiple button presses simultaneously.
The Titan Gun Safe is legal in all fifty states and is readily available for the price of only 349.00 dollars and the added on clip housing is available for only 59.00 dollars. The Titan safe is an affordable way to keep your gun ready at all times while keeping it safe and out of the hands of children or anyone else who could get hold of it.

>For more details reviews price ratings etc of titan safe click here


Other safe in descending order of recommendation.

Gun vault MVB1000


The MV 1000 MicroVault XL Handgun Safe is the larger cousin of the MV 500 MicroVault Handgun Safe. As the name implies, the MicroVault product line from maker GunVault is meant to keep a handgun without taking up much space, which is why the product can often used during transit, whether stashed beneath the seat of a vehicle or tucked away in checked baggage or mounted after drilling holes.

It has some what better biometric lock that updates the slight changes and updates to the previous saved pattern each time you use your finger to give low rejection rate in future.Others swipe type scanner may require you to swipe more than once to read correctly.It has a protective foam-lined interior to keep the gun from sliding around.It can accept up to 120 finger prints and 18-gauge steel construction,.If one finger do not work use another without reseting. The smaller version MVB500 has 16 gauge steel but can accept upto 30 fingerprints. patented No-Eyes® for opening it in dark by a hand-shaped indentation which allows the user to find where to position their fingertips,a well as a 4 feet security cable, and built-in computer which automatically bars access once the programmed number of failed entry attempts has occurred.Fittings can guard against light hand tools but not a crowbar or the anything alike.One thing to take note is that While the MV 1000 is usually pictured in an open position similar to a briefcase, the handgun safe is not hinged to stay open in this manner; rather, the lid opens entirely to lay flat and in line with the bottom of the safe so you have to open in by hand.

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Gunvault MV 500

The safe is electronic safe an older model by gunvault.First it is of perfect small size.At 11” x 8-1/2” x 2-1/4” it Neither too big nor too small to hold your small guns along with some other valuables inside.Yet it is not too light to always keep it around or near your eyes.It can be mounted only after drilling holes.It is pry resistant at least for children and casual tries.Suitable in glove boxes and under seats, this pistol safe offers an alternative to keeping a gun lying around in the car.

The electronics works quite well easy to program and has long lasting battery.A patented no eyes keypad At , the safe fits anywhere, especially in cars. It has an exterior shell of super strong 16-guage steel and weighing at 5.3 pounds, it has just the right amount of weight. Any lighter and a unit like this risks feels cheap and unreliable, almost as if it were fragile. Any heavier and this compact unit would be cumbersome to move, like a brick or a block of lead.

The computerized locking system will block out anyone who mistypes the combination excessively – an added measure of protection against theft. A small keyhole on the side of the Gunvault MV500-STD can override the whole system, guaranteeing that the owner can get to their gun instantly and without worry.

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Gun vault nano vault 200

scrhndsThis safe is made by gun vault is actually a safe to ethically and securely carry your gun and valuables.It is small,portable and easily concealable.Can be hid anywhere.It is available cheap and opens with a key.It will meat all the transportation specification for most of the state.

It is not a bad item to keep it in your automobile specially if you carry your gun all or most of the time.Best if you want to leave inside the car for a short period of time.A strong cable is provided to mount it to a column or stationary place.Basically suited for frequent change of location inside vehicle or home.

It is almost entirely made of 18 gauge steel unlike the MV300 or the stackon PC 95C which has plastic parts on its combination lock.The dimensions of the vault are just enough to allow one handgun.But you can store for a few accessories such as extra clip and spare ammunition.It is designed to open from the top and closes tightly. The security cable helps the mini-vault to be attached and lock safe in place. The cable itself has been tested and shows it can resist up to 1500 lbs of force but however can be cut with with a diagonal pliers in 2 to 3 minutes time.
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Club LB200



This is not a safe as such.It is rather a lock box in which you can keep your valuables and place it inside a car under your seat or places like that.The safe wil be secured to the seat with the help of the cable provided.You can be quite assured of the security of the items in a quick smash and grab situation because the cable itself is quite strong to cut or to break easily.The intruder wont have that much time.

It is not best suited in case you want frequent and quick access of items as it will take relatively more seconds no matter how experienced you become.However for items you always carry but take out very seldom this is very strong and reliable safe.
The LB200 is manufactured by The Club and is sold online and in stores. A quick internet search will allow you to locate this item at popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot and others. This can be used for both residential and commercial uses. The LB200 comes with a steel braided cable which attaches to any permanent fixture. You can place it in the trunk, interior of the car, bedroom, office, and more. With the steel cable fastened around a permanent object, a thief will be thwarted to quickly get away with it but remember if he has tools like pliers or bump keys he can cut the cable or pick the pin tumbler lock on this box.

There are no flashy colors on the LB200 to make it stick out. The exterior case comes in black and can fit tightly under your seat or can itself will hide well.
The LB200 has an exterior size of 8 1/4 x 6 x 2 3/4. The inner dimensions of the vault are 7 3/4 x 5 3/8 x 2 3/8. You can freely place items like your passport, jewelry, cell phone, wallet, pictures, money, MP3 player and more inside this device.The manufacture also includes a ninety day warranty and return policy.

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Bestop 42640-01 HighRock


wrgfdffggYou will find that this particular Jeep is a fussy vehicle when it comes to storing important information, weaponry and personal belongs and that is why they made a box with depth and storage in mind.This model fits 07-10 Wrangle JK without any modification and the Wrangler JK 11-12 with only some amount of modification.The Bestop 42640-01 HighRock 4×4 lock box is a unique and spacious storage unit that is accessible on the Wranglers JK. This, discreet and safe-smart unit has a double key and pick-resistant lock which makes it difficult for any intruder and it comfortably fits under your driver seat for convenient and easy access. There is nothing to the installation. This system, is already set up for you so it is easy because it comes with bolt-in factory seat riser bolts and its own set of bolts so you don’t need to find equipment like screw drivers or hammers to help install this easy to install item. It is made of 16 gauge carbon steel and will not much attention because it blends right in. It is coated in the finest textured black powder finish so it easily blends in under your seat. It has an interior and exterior dimensions of about 205 cubic inches with easy open sliding door.It weighs only 17 pounds so it feels quite weightless, even with the pull out drawer. There is also a heavy duty steel cable cord with a clear vinyl cover to attach the lock box to any location in the vehicle. the smooth, sliding pull out drawer is quiet and pulls out to a convenient length.

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V-Line Top Draw Security Case Review

Gun owners come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and their needs and goals in owning a firearm are as varied as the owners themselves. Happily, the V-Line Top Draw Security Case is ready and able to meet those needs. The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is, however, perfect for those gun owners seeking a small, stylish, and secure area to store their handgun. It also works great for storing valuables and important documents. To learn more about how this safe can help keep you and your family safe and secure, simply keep reading this V-Line Top Draw Security Case review.

Construction and security

The V-Line Top Draw Security Case measures twelve by nine by two and one-half inches on the exterior, while the interior can hold a volume of just over 205 cubic inches (11.75″ x 8.75″ x 2″).

The locking mechanism is a five-button mechanical type, and though it is possible to enter nearly eleven hundred individual combinations, the lock itself is designed to grant the owner quick and easy access. The case weighs approximately ten pounds, and is crafted of steel, with a 3/8 inch solid steel locking block which both protects and guides the locking bolt’s smooth, precise action.

Additional security features include an anti-pry clamshell design, a continuous hinge to impede removal of the case’s pins, and locking bolts which pass directly through the inner frame, thus adding a secondary layer of anti-pry protection.


The V-Line Top Draw Security Case tries quite hard to look like a sort of briefcase, both in dimensions and in the way it opens (this is a top-opening device).

It continues this style with its sleek lines and textured, powder-coated matte black color scheme, although it should be noted that optional accents, logos and other such personal touches may be added as a replacement to the standard company logo and gold pin-striping if the buyer wishes.


Inside, this security case is equipped with dense, impact absorbing foam. This helps keep your important items safe and secure at all times.

Finally, for ease of installation, the V-Line Top Draw Security Case comes standard with multiple pre-drilled bolt holes. This allows The V-Line Top Draw Security Case to be installed in a variety of ways, including wall-mounting via the optional mounting plate, sold separately.


Speaking of which, as it is such a no-brainer add-on, here’s a word or two about the optional mounting bracket. It is crafted of the same high-quality materials as the V-Line Top Draw Security Case itself, yet weighs scarcely two pounds. It allows the owner to transport his or her case, making moves and other such occasions a breeze. Again following the V-Line Top View’s lead, the mounting bracket comes with pre-punched, “no tools necessary” holes – all an owner needs is a few lug bolts and some flat washers, and he or she may safely and securely mount their new case to almost any surface. It is, however, recommended that one ensure proper installation for maximum safety and security.


A quick note for the well-armed residents of California (and any other curious reader): The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is a California approved safety device, and as such, it meets all currently applicable laws governing such devices. This includes the statutes and regulations found in, pursuant to, and resultant from California Penal Code 12088.


While i wouldn’t consider this a top league pistol safe, its features do position it in a good place among the good safes out there. For a gun owner in search for a heavier duty pistol safe i would advise to take a look at other safes such as Fort Knox. For a gun fan looking for a descent safe to protect his pistol – the V-Line is a bang for the buck.

Fort Knox FTK-PB review

This safe is designed as strongest in the range.It is possibly the strongest safe for small guns.Also fast and quick to open.Since being heavy it is not meant for carrying and will best serve its purpose if mounted somewhere inside car or at home.The lid is made of heavy steal and opens with gas assisted lid openers.

Another safe made by fortknox is FTK Auto is slimmer and deeper to be put under the bed or seat of the car etc.Product quality and functions are same.Fort knox uses simplex lock and it works perfectly whenever you use it even after 10 years.Also most difficult to pry open.With pry bar or hammer it will take considerable amount of time and perhaps much more noise for intruder to be caught.


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We admire the folks at Fort Knox, for creating a modern, attractive, handgun box. In these days of cheap, sub-standard products, it is refreshing to find a high quality product made here at home, with a fair price. Looked upon as a complete safety solution for our ever-changing neighborhoods, this handsome container displays that sense of past ‘Americana.’

The Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box is constructed of a robust 10 gauge steel enclosure, measuring 4 1/4” x 12 1/2” x 103/8”, and weighing 24 pounds. Constructed with generous padding inside, your handguns will not move at all. Utilizing a gas piston opening, it is a breeze to open, and the lid will stay up. A Simplex lock is used, which contains 1081 possible combinations, and does not require batteries. Some Simplex locks which are more than 20 years old, are still in use today; relieving any concern you may have if you do not open your box for a long period of time. These types of locks are rugged and weatherproof, utilizing simple mechanical action, which allows swift access. The locking buttons allow you to push two at a time, which increases the difficulty required to figure out the code. Being the most durable gun box on the market, you could drive your car over this beauty without sustaining damage. Unlike other spring operated pistol boxes, the FTK-PB will not open if dropped on its side. For vehicle applications, Fort Knox has thought well in advance, providing multiple holes in the bottom which enables mounting the case to the floor. If you so desire, it could easily be mounted on any other wood or metal surface indoors.

Complete with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, Fort Knox Security Products, at no charge, will replace the safe if broken into or damaged, due to criminal activity. If the safe suffers damage due to flood, fire, or other accident, it will be replaced or repaired at the manufacturers’ discretion.

Fabricated in the United States of America, the FTK-PB is UL Listed, and meets California Firearms Safety Device Requirements. Surpassing the recognized standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratory, this handgun box is put through a battery of grueling tests. To ensure top quality, drilling and tampering tests are conducted on the safe.

So if you are in the market for a handgun safe that is built to your grandfather’s standards, check out the Fort Knox FTK-PB. You will not be disappointed.